Feeling at home at Bawai’s

Bawai's House Salad

It’s way off the main road and open only for lunch and dinner three days of the week.  But the gathering buzz on Bawai’s is proof that good news  do travel fast.   To paraphrase Kevin Costner in “Field of Dreams”, if you cook good food, they will come.   And visitors do hie off all the way here to dine.  We visited one hot Sunday afternoon as part of a small contingent of Summit Ridge’s Tagaytay weekend getaway.

The location is actually in Silang, Cavite.  To get there from the ridge, we head back to the rotonda and make a turn near the Aguinaldo highway and head through a smaller road, passing through hilly terrain planted to pineapple.  We take another turn on a smaller road and stopped at a non-descript, two-storey house that looked nothing like a restaurant.

Coming in, we espy a garden at the back where an alfresco dining area beckoned under the shade of trees and a profusion of plants.  We were ushered to the upstairs dining area instead, greeted by the pleasant aroma of something delicious simmering.  The place feels more like a home than a restaurant, The dining area isn’t much bigger than those found in other ancestral houses, with several tables that can accommodate no more than a dozen diners at any one time.  Well, the diners ahead of us seemed to be in a jovial mood — always a good omen in any eating place.

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Sagada eats

Fried Chicken with Hash Browns and Vegetables at Rock Inn
Fried Chicken with Hash Browns and Vegetables at Rock Inn

We came to Sagada on a weekday to explore the foodscape as much as the landscape.  The weather, as always, was conducive not only for hiking but also for good eating.   In the limited time we stayed, we found either newer places or newer offerings from the old reliables.  Here we share some of our favorites.

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Simple, fresh eats at Unit 8 Café

Unit 8 Crisp Fried Whitebait with Sauces (P180)
Unit 8 Crisp Fried Whitebait with 3 Sauces (P180)

It’s not uncommon for us to meet restaurant owners who venture into the food business because of one fact: the love of good food.  For them, the restaurant becomes an extension of their home kitchen, with menus that include their favorites and reflect their preferences. Straying into Unit 8 café, we found this to be a fact. Tucked at the bayside of the Southeast Asia’s Mall, it promises unpretentious food with a simple philosophy: simplicity, elegance and freshness. Let’s see if the place lives up to that promise.

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