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The best of the wurst at Donau

Donau Gourmet Deli Shelves
Donau Gourmet Deli Shelves

Pardon the play of words for the title for this post. Wurst is German for sausage and that is one of our main reasons for dropping by at Donau Gourmet. But as it turned out, it’s not just the sausages that were worth dropping by for in this restaurant tucked in the quieter, less-crowded part of the Makati Central Business District, at Amorsolo, in Legaspi Village.

From the outside, the place looks non-descript, nothing much differentiates it from its neighbors save for the green signage. Stepping inside is a different story. There’s the warmly-lit interiors; the refrigerated counter full of sausages and various cold cuts, another shelf of muesli, seasonings and other food stuff; and six tables at the center.

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