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  • Finding one-of-a-kind siopao in Tim Ho Wan

    Tim Ho Wan Baked BBQ Pork Buns It’s already past mid-afternoon when we, armed with maps from the HK airport, alighted at the MTR station in the Mongkok district. Nina (of Just Wandering) whetted our collective appetites with a tale of the much-written about hole-in-the-wall place that serve these really different kind of siopao. Since we we were in the vicinity for a look-see into Mongkok’s electronic shops later in the afternoon, we thought “why not find the place and taste for ourselves?” The place wasn’t hard to find as we ran into a motley group of hungry diners, both local and foreign, hogging the sidewalk along Kwong Wa Street. We were given a number and told to wait an hour.

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