Three at Steak: Fireplace, I Am Angus and 22 Prime

The Fireplace's Angus Prime Chilled Ribeye Steak

Majority of Filipinos are still meat eaters. We love a good and flavorful steak. And those looking for a more exquisite kind of meat would be glad to know that Manila isn’t short of restaurants serving high grade steaks. We only have to choose the dining experience to match with that sumptuous food. Here we steaked-out three restaurants offering some of the best-tasting steaks in Manila.

The Fireplace interiors

The Fireplace
The restaurant at the 5th level of Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila has very exquisite interiors. The warm glow emanating from the large fireplace oven of the restaurant radiates a classy ambience. This place is perfect for really special and formal dining occasions.

Braised Cheeks

Their Angus Beef Prime Chilled Ribeye Steak is perfectly cooked. The meat is juicy and tender with flavors oozing out with every bite. The restaurant also offers choices of prime sauces. But if you ask me, the meat itself tastes good already.

Wanting to try out something different, we ordered Braised Cheeks. The meat was braised slowly in a marinade of red wine, herbs and spices. Forking through the meat, I could feel how tender and how easily the meat falls-off the bones. The meat was really succulent while the taste bears evidence of the chef having fun playing with spices.

Chocolate Soup with Vanilla Ice Cream and Black Pepper

For dessert, we had Chocolate Soup topped with Vanilla Ice cream and sprinkled with black pepper. It was really rich.

I am Angus Steakhouse Dining Interiors

I Am Angus Steakhouse
Tucked in a corner of Yakal Street in Makati along with a line of other classy restaurants. I Am Angus Steakhouse has stylish interiors with contemporary design. There’s an open kitchen and a nice bar on the side. Nothing over the top but simply a relaxing and comfortable place for dining.

Tomahawk Steak
Tomahawk Steak

Their Tomahawk Steak was also perfectly cooked and the meat was tender. Even left untouched for quite sometime, it was still juicy and flavorful with the meat’s tenderness still intact.

Seared Duck LIver
Seared Duck Liver

The Seared Duck Liver is also another dish here worth chewing on. For me who is not a fan of liver, I enjoyed its creamy flavor along with the sour-fruitiness of the cranberry balsamic reduction.

Dining at 22 Prime
Dining at 22 Prime

22 Prime
It’s Prime Steaks served on the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites in Ortigas. This place has a elegant dining area but not too posh for casual diners to come in. It’s also perfect for business meetings or simply dining with a view of the city.

Angus Steak
Angus Steak

22 Prime’s Angus Steak is delicious as expected. Juicy and mouthwatering. They also have special sauces to add extra flavor.

Grilled Norweigian Salmon
Grilled Norwegian Salmon

Aside from the beef steaks, 22 prime also has this flavorful  Grilled Norwegian Salmon. The tarragon béarnaise sauce was really smooth and goes very well with the salmon.

Chef Rick's Cheese Bread
Chef Rick's Cheese Bread

Chef Rick’s Cheese Bread is definitely in a class of its own when it comes to cheese breads, of course. Imagine three bread slices with sun-dried-tomatoes with four kinds of cheese and crushed peppercorns. I liked it because it reminds me of pizza in a good way.

The Fireplace
5 th Floor Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
1588 Pedro Gil corner MH Del Pilar, Malate Manila
Tel (632) 245.1234
Opens from Monday to Sunday at 6-11pm)

I am Angus Steakhouse
7431 Yakal Street, San Antonio Village
Tel (632) 892.6020

22 Prime
22nd flr Discovery Suites
25 ADB Avenue, Ortigas, Pasig
Tel (632) 632.8222 loc. 3702

7 responses to “Three at Steak: Fireplace, I Am Angus and 22 Prime”

  1. While I dont seek out to eat at steakhouses, when I do I find myself going to the fish choices. I know I know, wrong place. Thing is I havent’ really gone to high end steak houses where I may get the steak to my liking. Needless to say all my few steak dining experiences are disappointing, especially since my husband makes a mean steak, giving me the comparison.

    I don’t require any sauce with my steak either.

  2. Hi Ferdz, Oggie.

    Could I suggest that you also post the prices of what you feature, especially each entree or menu item? It helps a lot for people like myself to decide to go for it than wonder if I should go because your photos make many items that may be inexpensive look expensive (that’s a compliment!)

    The best combination would be “it looks expensive yet it’s inexpensive!”


  3. That tomahawk from i am angus is too small, it looks like a slice of primerib…22 prime’s tamahawk is the real “TOMAHAWK STEAK”…almost a kilo in weight and twice the size larger than i am angus’ tomahawk…try it guys, this is the best steak in town!for a very reasonable price, around 2600-2800pesos, good for two persons. it also comes with soup of the day and the salad bar…

  4. i do love steak but it looks like the cheese bread and chocolate soup are must-try’s too! 🙂 yummy pictures ferdz!

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