Two potatoes, a block of cheese, a toy cow and a travel scale: Jollibee cooks up a surprise mystery

Langhap-sarap wrapper
Langhap-sarap wrapper

It’s not everyday that you get a surprise, mystery box from Jollibee.  Hmmm, the wrapper is emblazoned with the familiar “Langhap Sarap” theme interspersed with “Crispy” and “Baked”.

After the wrapper comes off, the mystery deepens.  Inside I found two large potatoes, a potato-powered clock science experiment, a toy cow, a block of toy cheese complete with a white mouse and a luggage scale.  So add these keywords to the clues:  “Potato”, “Time”, “Beefy”, “Cheesy”, and “Hefty”.

“Flip the patty, add a slice of cheese, and sandwich it between something crispy and baked.  Taste Langhap-Sarap goodness like never before!”  said the note inside the box.

We at Happyfoodies can’t wait to know what Jollibee’s up to when the new product is finally revealed this Thursday.

In the box
In the box
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