Umu: Waxing poetic over Japanese food

Umu Nankin Tofu, P250

I can vividly recall how creamy the Nankin Tofu tasted even though I had sampled it sometime ago.  The texture was velvety-creamy, almost custard-like.  The flavor of pumpkin rich but not overwhelmingly so.  That it was, like most Japanese fare, picture-pretty with a garnishing of prawn, asparagus and wasabi, only made the eating all the more memorable.

But Umu, the Japanese food outlet of the Dusit Thani Hotel Manila, has other offerings to make the diner wax poetic.

Umu Kanji Wall

Lagal[og] says: I really dig the Kanji-lined walls of the Robata grill and bar which lend a decidedly-Japanese look.  The other zones — the Teppanyaki tables and main dining hall — overlook the lush garden which only enhance the dining experience.

Umu Robata Grill and Bar
Umu Robata Grill and Bar

Ironwulf says: The lighting is well-balanced and I enjoyed the simplest details from the kanji walls, liquor bottles and even how the table napkins were folded which lent a touch of elegance. The private rooms with tatami floors overlooking a serene garden was really like dining in a Japanese home by the garden.

Umu Gosyumori Sashimi, P1,190

Lagal[og] says: I’m not fond of raw fish but the Gosyumori Sashimi (Five types of Fish Sashimi) is excellent.  The presentation is spot-on, too, with eye-popping colors and textures.  We had Hamachi, Salmon, Toro, Red Snapper and marinated Mackerel and I must say, the Hamachi was particularly good with a delicate flavor enhanced by fresh, not store-brought, wasabi.

Angus Rib-eye
Angus Rib-eye

Ironwulf says: The mountain chunks of Rib-Eye Angus on mustard sauce was just waiting to explode with flavors. And it does taste good as each slice was tender and flavorful. Nothing was left on the plate, not even a morsel.

Umu Rows of Namachozo Sake, P1,200

Lagal[og] says: I’m not much of an alcohol drinker but there’s the fruity Namachozo, among other types of sake, available to go along with your sashimi.

Ironwulf says: I suggest you visit during the Happy Hour buffet for Eat-all-you-can Sushi and Robata for only P750. This is from Mondays to Fridays from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

Dusit Thani Hotel
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. (632) 867.3333

*Photos  originally published on Seair Inflight May 2010 Issue

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  1. wow. if they taste like how they looks, ang sarap tyak nyan. 🙂

  2. even just before going to tokyo for 14 days recently, i and my family regard umu as one of the best japanese restaurants in the metro. its fantastic interiors and of course their dishes, especially the teppanyaki, sukiyaki, various sashimi and sushis are worth every cent. we’ve tried their sunday family brunch buffet a couple of times, and we had umu as our base-resto. certainly, umu is a personal favorite! sarap! =)

  3. Not able to open the other pics, idk. but the interiors is very classy and tasteful pang romantic date.

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