Cafe Shibuya: Delectable Toast and Gourmet Drinks

It’s not your usual toast. Cafe Shibuya has signature high toast that are 2 1/2 inches thick, topped with a single ice cream scoop or two and sprinkled with powder, fruits or chocolates depending on your desired flavors. Just looking at the variety of offerings from the menu, it’s challenging to make a choice as most look delectable. Choosing drinks was quite easy as I love coffee and matcha and they have a blend of both.

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Bohol Eats | Baclayon Heritage Cafe

It still breaks my heart seeing the actual rubbles of Bohol’s heritage churches when after a year the island experienced a devastating earthquake. The church from one of my favorite haunts, Baclayon was not spared. I remember frequenting the Baluarte right across the church for some afternoon sea breeze, sunset and cheap but good barbecue stalls. Is also a delight to see a newly opened cafe, Baclayon Heritage Café. So timely I was yearning for a good hot drink and snack that afternoon so I got to try the place.

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Ozamiz City Eats | Piso BBQ sa Annex

So what food can you buy with 1 peso? Yes there’s candy you say but can you believe you can buy pork BBQ for just 1 peso? In Ozamiz City, locals have the luxury to enjoy 1-peso BBQ at what they call the Piso BBQ sa Annex. Come evening at Gov Medina Avenue near the Medina Hospital, smoke starts to scatter the streets from a number of BBQ stalls all selling pork BBQ at 1 Peso each.

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Maginhawa Eats | Indonyaki: Indonesian Street-side Eats

I remember fondly my trips in Indonesia where food is relatively cheap but is heavily tasty and satisfying. From the savory Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and the spicy sambal sauce that Indonesians can’t leave without on the table. They can just eat anything with sambal. Back here in the Philippines, there’s a shortage of Indonesian dedicated restaurants. When I heard from fellow foodie, Kara of Travel UP that there’s a relatively new Indonesian restaurant in Maginhawa St called Indonyaki, I just had to try. I brought along my guest foodie friend to finally try out Indonyaki and satisfy my craving for some Indonesian cuisine.

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Cafe Pho Co | Egg Coffee, a Fat Cat and Rooftop Views of Hanoi

There is a certain zen moment that I like about Vietnamese coffee. The time I wait for the coffee to brew and drip from the phin (a small Vietnamese brewing device) to my is a quiet still moment I savor every morning. I like the unhurried air it brings. There’s also the yin and yang combination from the ironically smooth yet strong coffee and the creamy sweet layer of condensed milk. Their perfect blend is just a satisfying reward for that short wait. More than the coffee, I also appreciate the surrounding of the cafe which adds to the experience of drinking coffee. That’s why in Hanoi, Cafe Pho Co, was a delightful find, tucked deep within rustic buildings past the souvenir shops fronting the streets. Ancient walls, a charming cat, unique coffee with egg and views one can get lost in moments.

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