Savoring the flavors of Tasty Dumplings

Tasty Dumpling Noodle Soup
Tasty Dumpling Noodle Soup

Mention Binondo and one immediately conjures up images of crowded streets, Binondo church, Chinese herbal medicine stores, Eng Bee Tin hopia, and of course, the-hole-in-the-wall eateries. I used to live in Manila and Ongpin was a regular haunt but not anymore. Venturing to the Binondo Church one Sunday and the almost mandatory side trip to Eng Bee Tin, I chanced upon this seemingly small restaurant with the signage, “Tasty Dumplings”. And so started food trips to this eating place that yielded tasty surprises.

Tasty Dumplings Restaurant Facade
Tasty Dumplings Restaurant Facade

Tasty impressions

Ironwulf said: It’s hard to miss this establishment at the back of Binondo Church since its large yellow signage is so evident on the street. Looking at the façade, it seems like a small establishment but inside, the area stretches back giving room to a large number of people. Interior is pretty basic. But one thing I noticed is that the place is pretty clean.

Tasty Dumplings Interiors
Tasty Dumplings Interiors

Lagal[og] said: When I first stepped into this place, I was surprised by all that room that can comfortably seat almost 80-100 diners. The lighting is warm, the comfort rooms very clean, with a handwashing area that actually has hand soap in dispensers. I grew up eating in Binondo and I’m used to dingy eating places so Tasty Dumplings seem to be an anomaly in this area, but a very pleasant one at that.

Mushroom Meatball Noodle Soup (Php 106)
Mushroom Meatball Noodle Soup (Php 106)

Tasty tests

Ironwulf said: The menu of tasty dumplings is typical of what you might expect from any Chinese restaurant. But highlighted are some of their house specialties, one of which I ordered was their Meatball Soup. I like mushrooms so I chose that variety and tossed in the noodles. Tasty Dumplings boasts of its authentic Taiwanese-style Meatball Soup but honestly, I find the taste a bit subtle. The mushroom meatballs have a somewhat subdued taste as well for me. You have to chew in deeper to really taste the flavors. I like strong spicy flavors in my meal that I have to dip it in the chili. Generally, it’s a lightly flavored meal.

Pork Chop Rice/Noodle (Php 99)
Pork Chop Rice/Noodle (Php 99)

Lagal[og] said: I’ve always ordered the house specialty, the thinly-sliced, Deep-fried Porkchop served with either rice or tossed noodles. I like mine with the soup and noodles. The soup stock has very subtle flavors which is a nice combination with the very tasty porkchop. The pork slices are very thin and flavorful. I’m a big eater but this alone is enough to fill me up.

Ironwulf said: I think their thin Deep-fried Porkchop is the main meal people should try here. I enjoyed it more and also goes well with my meatball soup. Better actually. I remember wondering how they made it so thin and tender. The thin layer of breading also adds to the flavor.

Kuchay Dumplings (Php 70)
Kuchay Dumplings (Php 70)

Lagal[og] said: I find the dumplings a bit on the dry side though. First time I ordered them, they were still moist and tasty even after taking them home and reheating.

Ironwulf said: Their steamed dumplings are best eaten as soon as they arrive. Hot and steamy. Leave it for a while and they turn dry easily and can actually taste bland after some time. Reheat!

Hongma (Big - Php 130, Small Php 110)
Hongma (Big - Php 130, Small Php 110)

Lagal[og] said: But I think Tasty Dumplings redeems itself with the Hong Ma, roast pork cooked ala pata tim style. Laden with mushrooms, steamed chuanchay and anise, the meat is also very, very tender. The sauce alone can serve as a filling for the accompanying Silver Loaf Bread with its subtle hints of ginger and chuanchay flavors. The bread arrives warm and very pleasantly soft, with a very appetizing aroma.

Ironwulf said: For the price, the large Hong Ma is a true value for money. Grab a slice of the steaming and warm Silver Loaf Bread. Add in a piece of roast pork meat, pour in a spoonful of sauce and top some chuanchay leaves and you’re in for a treat. The Hong Ma tastes similar to asado but better.

Hongma on a piece of Silver Loaf Bread
Hongma on a piece of Silver Loaf Bread

Lagal[og] said: For the drinks, I’d stick with iced tea or the usual colas as I find the Winter Melon Drink overrated.

Ironwulf said: I’d stay away from the Winter Melon Drink which the waiters claim is their specialty drink. I ordered one and it tasted like an ubersweet gulaman sans the sago. I had to order some canned soda instead.

Tasty Dumplings Restaurant
Tasty Dumplings Restaurant

Lagal[og] said: Price-wise, overall, Tasty Dumplings offer good value for money. On the average, one would spend 100-120 for a tasty and filling meal.

Ironwulf said: It is one budget treats find. Some meals are hit-and-miss but you wouldn’t go wrong on the prices if you are looking for something tasty to fill in your tummy without spending too much.

Tasty Dumplings
620 Ongpin St., Binondo, Manila
Tel. 242-5195 • Open from 9am-8.45pm, Monday-Saturday and 8am-8.45pm, Sundays
(with branches at Masangkay, Sampaloc and Banawe, Quezon City)

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  1. i ordered their hongma, didnt liked it. pero panalo talaga porkchop nila. other good find sa binondo is happy veggies and wying.. ^_^

  2. wow! favorite place, binondo. nakakain na ko dyan. laging maraming tao dyan eh. mushroom meatballs and porkchop din inorder ko noon.

    panalo talaga sa kainan ang binondo.

  3. hmm… binondo sounds interesting for food haven… ma try nga pag may oras… hehe

  4. The hong ma looks like a sweet dish. Is it?

    Clean restroom for a chinese restaurant? Wow, that’s one of a kind.

  5. hey guys! loving the website. i myself just enjoyed a binondo food tour with street walker ivan man dy though we were not able to stay & eat in tasty dumplings.
    one place in binondo that intrigues me is that food haven friends rave about called estero. even a friend’s mom knows about it and recounts that it was a famous hangout place during escolta’s glorious days as the premier gimmick place. maybe you can find time to check it out & feature it here. looking forward to discovering great places to eat with you guys!

  6. hi jeni, we eat at estero every once in a while though personally, i find it a shadow of its old self. this eatery row is still very much around and as the name suggests, this row can be found alongside a canal (or estero). certainly not for the squeamish but the food is good.

  7. Chanced upon your blog and am loving it! Especially the really nice (food and non-food) shots. Love this place and I used to always order their dumplings for take out. I’m not sure thought if they still have a branch in Wilson. Keep it up!

  8. I tried this two days ago… and I was underwhelmed. As a Dong Bei loyalist, I found their dumpling wrapper criminally thick. The meat filling was overseasoned as well.

  9. Not much a fan of their dumplings as well Benj! But they do have very good porkchop. 😀

  10. Ok, will try that next time. Whenever we go to Binondo, 4 restaurants kinakain namin eh. haha. Last na yung Tasty Dumplings so nag Soya Milk + Dumplings nalang kami. Masarap yung Soya Milk. haha

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