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  • Bayani Brew: More than a declaration of independence from sugary brews

    Bayani Brew: More than a declaration of independence from sugary brews

    What’s in a drink?  I mean everybody’s got to cool down especially in this hot weather and in what looks like an extended summer. I try to drink like a liter and a half of plain water daily but if I crave for a bit of flavor, I’ll steer clear of sodas save for occasions when there’s no safe drinking water or strangely, after long mountain hikes (I know it’s not healthy but hey, this is just very rare).  I also tend to favor either fruit juices over soda or if I want a bit of variety, I’d have some tea brews every now and then.  Thing is, a lot of ’em tea brews are loaded with sugar.  Flavorful, yes.  Healthier than soda, ummm not really.

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  • Roots Ginger Brew: 100% Real. 100% Rocks

    Roots Ginger Brew on Ice Your Happyfoodies have seen the amber bottles of this Aussie ginger brew in 7-Eleven outlets sometime ago but never paid much attention until Roots was formally launched in Outback Restaurant in Makati almost a week ago.  The theme was something along the lines of exploring a new brew.  Seems like a promise that almost every new drink promises, right?  But one sip was all it took to get a pleasant, refreshing surprise.

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  • Milk Tea: The Cha Dao Tea Place Way

    Cha Dao Tea Place Nowadays, the choice of beverages has never been so complicated. It’s no longer as simple as coffee or tea but a more complex mixture of ingredients suited exclusively to one’s palate. Take for example the growing popularity of Milk Teas in the past years as a healthy alternative drink. Though I’ve never been really a fan, there’s no harm in trying especially when Cha Dao Tea Place gave us an opportunity to try out their Milk Teas. There’s one branch near our neighborhood so I invited guest foodie Jen to their Kapitolyo branch.

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  • Lunch with the Hardys: Fine dine with fine wine

    Hardys Trio Reflection Call us very casual drinkers for we Happyfoodies really eat more than drink. However, an invitation to sample some of the best Australian wines one fine weekday came as a proposition too good to pass up. The wines we’re tasting are made by Hardys, the most popular brand from Down Under. With Oakwood Ortigas as host, we knew the pairings with Oakwood lunch fare would be worth the trip. The occasion, a rather intimate small group lunch, introduces the Hardys’ new Heritage Reserve Bin – Riesling, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon — continuing the company’s tradition of blending grapes from different regions to come up with complex wines. Distinguishing itself from vintners that make wines from single plots or regions, the Hardys have carved a name for taking grapes from different places and maturing them to come up with complex blends.

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  • Just desserts at Cocktales

    cocktales philosophy One Saturday afternoon found happyfoodies at SM Megamall for a business meeting. Looking for a quiet place to meet in busy Megamall can be quite tricky, especially on a weekend but on a friend’s suggestion, we found ourselves in the month-old dessert place, Cocktales. Tucked at the entrance the Atrium on the fifth level, we seem to have found our quiet spot as the place was desserted (no pun intended). The lighting was inviting and conducive for cooling off. The images of drinks and desserts were really enticing and well-done. The signage says “desserts like no other” so we felt we had to give them a try.

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