Just desserts at Cocktales

Cocktales Menu
Cocktales Menu

One Saturday afternoon found happyfoodies at SM Megamall for a business meeting. Looking for a quiet place to meet in busy Megamall can be quite tricky, especially on a weekend but on a friend’s suggestion, we found ourselves in the month-old dessert place, Cocktales. Tucked at the entrance of the Atrium on the fifth level, we seem to have found our quiet spot as the place was deserted (no pun intended). The lighting was inviting and conducive for cooling off. The images of drinks and desserts were really enticing and well-done. The signage says “desserts like no other” so we felt we had to give them a try.

Mango Daquiri and Watermelon Mojito
Mango Daquiri and Watermelon Mojito, P75 each

Ironwulf said: The coffee table book-like menu is filled with very good photography of their selections on every page making each very, very appealing. The names are even similar to alcoholic cocktail drinks you can find in bars like Martini and Daiquiri but none of them have alcoholic content, just pure healthy blends of fruits and flavors. Our friends got a Watermelon Mojito and a Long Island Lemon while I ordered a Mango Daquiri. The Mango Daquiri has a semi-sweet and sour taste i liken to green mangoes. The drink has a variety of sago balls to add texture though I did find some of the larger sago balls weren’t fully-cooked as they were too thick and hard.

Cocktales Bananarama
Cocktales Bananarama, P120 (single serving) and P180 (for sharing)

Lagal[og] said: I had Vietnamese coffee while waiting for the rest of the meeting participants. Not really comparable to the ones I tasted in Hanoi although the tall glass it was served on was really nice. Then, I had the Mango Bananarama for dessert. It’s an interesting concoction as it not only had mango and banana bits but also sago balls and bilo-bilo (the sticky rice flour balls used in ginataan desserts) on shaved ice laced with milk. I find it just okay since the sago was not fully cooked, which detracts from the overall quality. I also wished the ice was more finely-crushed like the ones in Ice Monster.

Cocktales Interior
Cocktales Interior

Ironwulf said: The white and red theme of the interiors was well-thought of. The furnishings were designer choice and even the glasses and utensils used were clearly chosen by a person with eccentric taste. The line of bottles by the counter stuffed with pieces of fruit is an eye candy. The place just oozes with the atmosphere of unwinding and cooling off with each table having magazines to indulge your taste for reading.

Rows of Fruits
Rows of Fruits

Lagal[og] said: There were interesting concoctions on the menu that were not available during our visit like the Apple Martini Choco, a non-alcoholic drink. Hmmm, maybe next time.

Food aside, the place had wonderful details – the glasses are curvy and sensuous, the utensils are not the fastfood-variety ones. Even the water served is laced with mint and lemon, a nice touch. The menu looked like a coffee table book and filled with well-photographed selections of desserts so I hope that in time, the quality of the desserts would catch up with the quality promised by the restaurant’s details.

SM Megamall • Trinoma • Tomas Morato

3 responses to “Just desserts at Cocktales”

  1. It looks like a great place for merienda, just for the drinks alone. I wonder if they would make those drinks alcoholic for a little charge?

    Very appealing ang baso ano? It’s all in the presentation talaga.

  2. hi photocache, we asked if they’re planning to serve alcoholic drinks down the road and the staff said there’s none at the moment. what they plan to do next is serve meals since most customers ask for them. the glasses as well as the utensils and serving ware are very appealing. the sago in the mango bananarama wasn’t fully-cooked but one doesn’t mind as much because of how the dessert was served. thanks for dropping by 😀

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