The Farmassist: Serving Affordable Plant-Based Comfort Food in Pasig

“We are driven by the knowledge that food is medicine. Beyond just food, we serve nourishment.” This is one of the core values of The Farmassist, a new restaurant in Pasig. Don’t be misled by the name; although it may sound like a pharmacy, they actually serve affordable plant-based meals. In 2024, Happy Foodies will start featuring establishments and products that promote vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, and healthy food, beginning with this neighborhood find in Pasig.

7 Best Cafes to Enjoy Coffee in the Philippines 

If you are on a hunt for some good coffee places, that come with good food and a good ambiance, then you can rest your hunt with this article. This article lists some of the best coffee places spread across the length & breadth of the country. 

You will find cafes that serve some exceptional coffee blends and side food dishes that go well with coffee. Check out the list and let us know how many have you visited!

Bantai Coffee: Cozy Community Cafe in Manggahan Pasig

Whenever I visit a new location, I always make it a point to try the local cafes before I go for the commercial ones when I yearn for coffee. It’s always interesting to see the local culture and flavor in small and homegrown cafes. I used to shift back and forth to Manggahan in Pasig since I rented a place there before. And just in the neighborhood, right across the street where I stay, is Bantai Coffee. A cozy little cafe at the 2nd floor of a building is filled with charm, nostalgia and good coffee.

Gubat QC: Hidden Kamayan Style Filipino Comfort Food Dining

It was hidden in plain sight. The “Gubat” signage is even so inconspicuous I passed by it twice and didn’t easily notice. Little did I know, that ensconced behind the bamboo walls and door, there’s a little al fresco dining restaurant inside. Gubat QC does feel like being inside a forest (gubat is a tagalog word which means forest) with its lush environment surrounding the wooden tables and benches of the dining area. Everything feels organic. From the food, the banana leaves as plate and even the way people eat – kamayan style (with bare hands).

Brunch Stop at Agos Cafe Antipolo

I had an impromptu ride to Antipolo one fine Friday morning. Weather was ideal for a ride – cool with passing clouds. Being in Pasig, Antipolo was quite accessible. The plan was to ride up to Hinulugang Taktak and Antipolo Church and have brunch along the way back. Agos Cafe was noticeable on my way up passing by Hollywood Terraces along Sumulong highway. I thought it would be nice to have coffee and snack here on my way down.

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