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Savory crepes

It’s always a welcome treat to find young entrepreneurs like Laydeh of Cafe Cueva to add to the growing favorite eats in Baguio. Also housed in the surreal Ili-Lika Artist Village in Baguio and also a member of the Kiwing na Kahoy Food Community is Cafe Cueva. Adding to the variety of food offered in the village, Cafe Cueva has some delicious crepes, filling Chao Fan and refreshing smoothies.

The Tuna and Egg and Mushroom with Cheese crepes
The Tuna and Egg and Mushroom with Cheese crepes (Php 80/ each)


We were just looking for a place to have lunch and stumbled upon this cave of a cafe. Luckily we were able to talk to Laydeh, the owner of the store who was good enough to convince us to try their crepes. Since I found their prices quite affordable we tried their two variants. The Tuna and Egg filled crepe and the Mushroom with Cheese and Bellpepper crepe.

I wasn’t expecting much but one bite into the thin and crispy pancake-filled Tuna and Egg Crepe, I knew we hit a jackpot. The tuna filling was indeed savory as they describe, really flavorful and has that likeable sourness from the yogurt sauce on top. The Mushroom, Cheese and Bellpepper was real tasty as well more on the sweet side. While I was expecting to like the later, the Tuna and Egg Crepe was my favorite of the two.

Tinapa with Red Egg Chao Fan
Tinapa with Red Egg Chao Fan (Php 60)

Chao Fan

Our lunch wouldn’t be complete without rice so we ordered two Chao Fans. The Tinapa with Red Egg and the Spicy Minced Pork with Tomatoes. Both serving sizes were quite generous for its price and can be shared by two people. The Tinapa with Red Egg is reminiscent of my usual Filipino morning breakfast which I liked. Flakes of Tinapa and the not too salty red egg gave a strong flavor complimenting the rice.

Spicy Minced Pork and tomatoes
Spicy Minced Pork and tomatoes (Php 60)

On the Spicy Minced Pork with Tomatoes, I really liked the medium spiciness on this one. Just enough pork and tomato bits and a good accompanying meal to the crepes since it has a moderate flavor.

Banoffee (Php 50 - small, Php 80 - large)
Banoffee (Php 50 – small, Php 80 – large)

Smoothies and Tea

My friend tried their Banoffee smoothie. I took a zip and I thought that the coffee flavor and banana blended so well. The smoothie was done really fine with no large bits of ice. He liked it so much he had another order of the smoothie.

I was in the mood for tea so I had their hot Red Velvet Tea for the afternoon and would be nice in Baguio’s cold weather. Yes it does taste like the red velvet in tea version minus the uber sweetness in its cake form. A good beverage to cap off our meal.

Red Velvet Tea (Php 50)
Red Velvet Tea (Php 50)

Cafe Cueva is one of those little discoveries that’s worth checking out when in Baguio. The food is really good, the ambiance one of a kind and the prices are really affordable.

Cafe Cueva
Kiwing na Kahoy Food Community
Ili-likha Artist Village, Assumption Road
Baguio City, 2600

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