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Kabila may mean the “other side” or “across” in Tagalog, but don’t treat Kabila Filipino Bistro as an option. Sharing space with its sister restaurant, Museum Cafe, in the vicinity of the Ayala Museum in Makati, the Kabila Filipino Bistro, simply offers people yearning for Filipino food a simple but fresh alternative in a cozy fine dining space that’s bright, relaxing and have an unhurried feel.

Ensaladang Kabila
Ensaladang Kabila (Php 195)

Off to a healthy start, we had an Ensaladang Kabila and Fresh Lumpia sa Kabila. I love the texture of this dish and the native fruity-salty flavor from the combination calamnsi vinaigrette and home-made bagoong on the Ensaladang Kabila (Php 195). Then there’s the sweetness from the caramel pili with an added crunchiness.

Fresh Lumpia sa Kabila
Fresh Lumpia sa Kabila (Php 295)

The Fresh Lumpia sa Kabila (Php 295) has a wonderful presentation. It also taste good as it looks. Nutty and very flavorful.

Grilled Gindara
Grilled Gindara (Php 350)

I got to give Kabila a plus on the presentation, the sone grilled goodies were an added delight on the table. The Grilled Gindara (Php 350) was fresh and has really savory meat. The sauce glaze heightens the flavor.

BBQ Chicken Inasal
BBQ Chicken Inasal (Php 350)

Another stone-grill dish is the BBQ Chicken Inasal (Php 350). Very good chicken BBQ by itself and the sauce makes it a true inasal. I love how they make use of tanglad (lemongrass) stalks as brush for the inasal sauce.

Kabila's Pork Bagnet
Kabila’s Pork Bagnet (Pho 395)

Kabila’s Pork Bagnet (Php 395) was just okay for me. I did find the chili-salt more interesting as an added twist on the flavor.

Seafood Guava Sinigang
Seafood Guava Sinigang

The Seafood Guava Sinigang really stood out for me. I enjoyed the strong guava flavor from the soup and the easily chewable soft meat from the fish, prawns and clams.

Leche Flan Turon
Leche Flan Turon

A couple of dessert capped of our meal. There’s the sweet nutty choco goodness from the Leche Flan Turon. For something cold and refreshing the Buko Pandan ice cream with melon shreds is perfect to wash out some lingering meaty flavors on the palette.

Buko Pandan
Buko Pandan

All-in, Kabila Filipino Bistro is an ideal place to really savor quality Filipino food. The flavors were excellent and authentic Pinoy. The presentation makes the food really delectable. The dining place is truly fine.

Kabila Filipino Bistro
Ayala Museum Complex, Makati Avenue
Corner Dela Rosa St., Makati City
Operating Hours: 8:00am to 12mn daily
Contact: (632) 757-3000, (632) 757-6000, (632) 391-4197
Facebook: /raintreekabila

Kabila side interiors
Kabila side interiors
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