7 Best Cafes to Enjoy Coffee in the Philippines 

If you are on a hunt for some good coffee places, that come with good food and a good ambiance, then you can rest your hunt with this article. This article lists some of the best coffee places spread across the length & breadth of the country. 

You will find cafes that serve some exceptional coffee blends and side food dishes that go well with coffee. Check out the list and let us know how many have you visited!

Hills & Valleys Café

This café is located in Bulacan and is one of the most famous Instagrammable cafes in the city. This café serves some of the best coffee in the town which is why this is also loved by the locals immensely. 

This place is perfect for unwinding after a busy day and also a good place to sit in peace with your loved ones. Hills & Valleys Café has a relaxing ambience which ensures that you get to enjoy a pleasant time in the café. 

Once you enter the café, you will be welcomed by a hospitable Barista. Even the staff member of the café is quite helpful. 

  • Bestsellers: Premium Vietnamese Coffee & Spanish Latte 

Kaulayaw Coffee

Antipolo is a known place in the country and you will find a lot of cafes in this place. One such known coffee place is Kaulayaw café. This place is situated in picturesque Antipolo Ridge and is a sought-after place to have a delectable dinner date. 

This place is an open-view café and people enjoy this place for its ambience. This place is located on the third floor and you can enjoy the view of Rizal’s verdant landscapes while having your food. 

Apart from offering good food and stunning views this place also supports local farmers by procuring all the raw materials from them. 

  • Bestsellers: Local Craft Beer, Coffee 

Bag of Beans 

Bag of Beans is in Tagaytay (a breezy city with cold temperatures) and if you happen to be in the city then visiting Bag of Beans is a must. Even if you are a localite, you will enjoy this place immensely. 

This is a family-owned place and will give you a feeling of being in the secret garden. Apart from being cozy, this place is also affordable. This is the reason that you might find a long queue for this place, on weekends. One of the best coffee places in Philippines

The USP of this place is that it uses the freshest ingredients possible and also maintains hygiene. If you are at this place then leaving without getting a taste of Shepard’s Pie would be an unwise decision. 

  • Bestsellers: Pastries, Breakfast Options, Barako coffee, Alamid Coffee

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

This is an international brand that became famous amongst the localites. Originally, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (aka ‘The Bean’) is a California-based brand that came alive in 1963 and also came up with the concept of ice-blended coffee drinks. This concept revolutionized the whole coffee industry instantly. 

You can also find some great smoothies & tea drinks at this place. The drinks at this place are quite refreshing and you can also indulge in some tasty breakfast options like sandwiches, pastas, salads, and pastries. 

  • Bestsellers: Ice Blended Coffee Drinks, Classic Coffee, Lattes, Coffee-free Concoctions 

UCC Coffee 

UCC Coffee is quite a known name when it comes to coffee-related drinks, in the Philippines. This is a famous coffee brand that originated in Japan and soon came to the Philippines. This place offers a lot of culinary delights like sandwiches, pasta dishes, and delicious desserts. 

If you are an espresso enthusiast then visiting this place is a must. You will find food with rich flavors and mouthwatering taste. You can even get food delivered to your place from UCC Coffee; grab the vouchers to get discount on food delivery from apps like foodpanda, Zomato, GrabFoodPh, etc. at your place. 

  • Bestsellers: Coffee & Cream Blended Drinks, UCC Special Blend

Bo’s Coffee

This is a multi-outlet brand (about 100 outlets) across the Philippines and has a lot of loyal followers within the country. This brand is special because it showcases the rich culture of coffee which is an integral part of the Philippines. This is the brand that pays homage to the different landscapes of the country with its range of original coffee blends. 

The very first outlet of this brand came into existence in 1996 in Cebu City and since then this brand has introduced different kinds of coffee blends to the people of the Philippines. If you are a coffee enthusiast, you can also grab a personalized coffee experience by sneaking a taste of your favorite coffee through the pour-over method made available to customers by Bo’s Coffee. 

  • Bestsellers: Mocha, Latte, Americano, Espresso, Cappuccino

Figaro Coffee

Figaro Coffee Company is a homegrown coffee brand (a retail chain) that came alive in 1993; currently, there are more than 200 branches of this coffee chain. This place has some exceptional coffee blends and these blends are even the signatures of the place. 

You will find a range of coffee options at this place; not only that, but you will also find an array of food dishes like fresh salads, sandwiches, and pasta. You will have a good time sipping coffee, enjoying good food, and great ambiance. 

  • Bestsellers: Signature Coffee Blends 

Last Words

There are many other places in Philippines where you can even chill with your pets in café, spend good time with your partner, and go-to places to just enjoy your coffee. You can check out these places on your next visit to Philippines. 

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