The Farmassist: Serving Affordable Plant-Based Comfort Food in Pasig

“We are driven by the knowledge that food is medicine. Beyond just food, we serve nourishment.” This is one of the core values of The Farmassist, a new restaurant in Pasig. Don’t be misled by the name; although it may sound like a pharmacy, they actually serve affordable plant-based meals. In 2024, Happy Foodies will start featuring establishments and products that promote vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, and healthy food, beginning with this neighborhood find in Pasig.

The Farmassist

The Farmassist in Pasig

Situated across from a McDonald’s in San Joaquin, The Farmassist is a testament to the fact that people have the choice to eat healthily. Despite its modest space, the restaurant boasts well-designed interiors with clean lines and a color scheme of green and white. It can seat up to 15 people inside and 8 more in the outdoor seating area.

The Farmassist

Affordable Plant-Based Comfort Food

One of the most common misconceptions about eating healthy is that it has to be expensive. The Farmassist proves otherwise, with most main meals priced (as of this writing) at under a hundred pesos. The servings are generous, and the presentation is decent. Here are some of the dishes I tried during my visits.

The Farmassist: Pan Alo
Pan Alo

Pan Alo

The Pan Alo is their signature dish and rightly so. It resembles a thin-crust pizza, but the crust here is consistently crispy. Topped with marinated tofu, veggie meat, minced vegetables, and vegan cheese, it comes with a separate hot sauce for added heat. I thoroughly enjoyed this flavorful and crunchy dish, available in two sizes: Kiddie (personal) for P79 and regular for sharing for P199.

Filipino Comfort Food

I also tried the Palabok noodles (P89) as a snack. It was interesting that the aroma and flavor were reminiscent of palabok, although a bit dry for my taste. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the texture of the pseudo meat.

They also offer rice meals for just P99. I particularly enjoyed the Tapa; the meat was richly marinated and savory, served with garlic rice and a side of veggies. While the Inasal fell short in terms of texture and taste, I did appreciate the accompanying sauce.

The Farmassist: Palabok
The Farmassist: Tapa

Drinks & Desserts

The Farmassist offers a House Blend iced tea, which is quite good— not too sweet and worth the P25.

For dessert, they have a brownie, which is one of my guilty pleasures here. It’s soft and rich, a perfect way to end the meal.

The Farmassist: Inasal
The Farmassist

Whenever I crave some healthy Filipino comfort food, aside from my usual cooked veggie meals, I head to The Farmassist. The food is flavorful, and appealing even to non-vegans and vegetarians, and the prices are just right. It’s reassuring to know that the food we eat is nourishing for our bodies.

While I appreciate their compact menu, I’m looking forward to seeing more options like coffee and additional dessert treats in the future.

The Farmassist

The Farmassist
500 Elisco Road, Brgy. Sto. Rosario, Pateros, Pasig, Philippines
Hours: 8AM-8:30PM Mon-Sat
Facebook Page: /TheFarmassistph

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