All-Day American Breakfast with Mr Jones

All-day breakfast at Mr jones

Counting Crows keeps playing on my head “Mr Jones and me, tell each other fairy tales, staring at beautiful women…” The popular 90’s track depicts the iconic Mr Jones, an American icon harkening back to the old era of jukeboxes, roller skates, foam-padded diner seats and 60’s chics with big hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raintree’s restaurant Mr Jones was inspired by this. This all-day breakfast diner teleports visitors to this lively colorful era and completes the experience with their scrumptious American comfort food presented in all-american flair.

Bacon and Eggs
Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs

A staple in any American breakfast table, Mr Jone’s Bacon and Eggs version has that thicker slices of bacon, not the crispy ones but it was real sweet and juicy. The potato a good complimentary siding, moist and with the skin intact. I’m sure Americans would find this just right up their alley.

Famous U.S. Ribcap Tapa
Famous U.S. Ribcap Tapa

Jones famous U.S. Ribcap Tapa

Adding a touch of Filipino flavor to attract the local market, Mr Jones included Tapa but uses quality Ribcap meat. The ones Jones Famous U.S. Ribcap Tapa meat were sliced into thin strips. There were a few tough parts but overall it was savory and meaty. Oh I also loved those garlic chips on top, I would have added more. A nice American twist to this Filipino favorite.

Juevos Rancheros
Juevos Rancheros

Jone’s Juevos Rancheros

Adding a kick of spice on the menu is the popular mid-morning Mexican dish, Juevos Rancheros. Expect the heat to rise and get you going. As soon as I wrapped a portion of this fiery looking dish consisting of slow-cooked sirloin, black beans, roasted tomatoes, cheese, salsa and eggs, I knew I was in for a treat. For a spice-lover like me, I enjoyed the Mexican flavor very much. There’s a bottle of hot sauce on the side if one wants to raise the heat levels on this dish.

“Big Boy” Fried Chicken and Waffles

Big Boy Fried Chicken and Waffles

This is one delectable dish, though a sort of a mixed bag for me. The chicken tasted average, I would have wanted more flavor into it. The waffles were a real treat though, even on the table for a time, it kept firm, crispy and real tasty. Just like I wanted with hefty amounts of butter and syrup on top.

Challah Toast
Challah Toast

Challah French Toast

It was an attractive tower of a toast. Digging in I immediately recognized the nutella choco spread it goes really well witht he rasperry jam. The bacon bits adds a fine saltiness to this morning dessert. Have a bite on the caramelized banana on top as well. This has got to be the most unforgettable dish I had so far for Mr Jones or I’m just a sucker for desserts.

Mr Jones
*Mr Jones is currently closed as it will move to Bonifacio GLobal City by end of the year. Follow their facebook for updates.
Facebook: /raintreemrjones

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