Cafe Shibuya: Delectable Toast and Gourmet Drinks

It’s not your usual toast. Cafe Shibuya has signature high toast that are 2.5 inch thick, topped with ice cream (or two) and sprinkled with powder, fruits or chocolates depending on the desired flavors. Just looking at the variety of offerings from the menu, its challenging to make a choice as most of them look delectable. The drinks was quite easy as I love coffee and matcha and they have a blend of both.

All-Day American Breakfast with Mr Jones

Counting Crows keeps playing on my head “Mr Jones and me, tell each other fairy tales, staring at beautiful women…” The popular 90’s track depicts the iconic Mr Jones, an American icon harkening back to the old era of jukeboxes, roller skates, foam-padded diner seats and 60’s chics with big hair. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raintree’s restaurant Mr Jones was inspired by this. This all-day breakfast diner teleports visitors to this lively colorful era and completes the experience with their scrumptious American comfort food presented in all-american flair.

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