Healthy Burgers at Good Burgers

Margherita Burger at good Burgers
Margherita Burger at Good Burgers

I have always known burgers as sort of a junk food especially the kind served in fastfood restaurants which are are fatty and chock-full of cholesterol.  Good thing I stumbled upon Good Burgers along C5 road just opposite SM Hypermart while I was wandering around our neighborhood in Pasig with guest foodie friend and travel writer, Jen. Good Burgers has been around for quite a while serving healthy vegetarian burgers. On their glass counter they proudly point out the fact that they are one of the very few PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Proggy Awardees in the country for having the “Best Veggie Burger.” Now, that’s saying really something, making their burgers definitely worth a try.

Goog Burgers C5
Goog Burgers C5 at Ugong, Pasig

Jen: Not applicable, seriously. So unless you have an inclination for eating joints that look like a cross between an abandoned storage room and a vacant garage, or you want a serious diversion from the usual restos, I would really say that you go to The Good Burger for one obvious reason: the food.

Ironwulf: Not really expecting much here since this is a take-out and delivery joint, but it’s good they offer a few tables and chairs at their C5 branch. I heard they have a better dining area at their Sikatuna branch.

Margherita Burger
Margherita Burger (P95, P105, P120)

Margherita Burger
Jen: One bite of this burger made me think that the place really lives up to its name – they really do have good burgers. Generously blanketed with mozarella cheese and drizzled with a sauce infused with flavor, margherita makes for a very hearty and satisfying meal. The patty I chose was vegetarian, but it was surprisingly tasty and filling.

Ironwulf: I was equally surprised by the rich flavours of the roasted tomatoes, mozza, basil and cheese sauce. I could really taste the spices. I also noticed they use a pandesal bun which is tasty on its own. There’s also an option to upgrade to a wheat bun for an additional P5.

Persian Burger
Persian Burger (P75, P85, P100)

Persian Burger
Jen: Compared to margherita, this burger has considerably subtle flavors. I think what made it come alive was the generous serving of bell peppers and onions – and yes, a lot of ketchup I drizzled it with. 🙂

Ironwulf: We chose a Chicken Patty this time and it was still flavorful and juicy like a regular beef patty. It also helps that it’s perfectly grilled. The subtle flavors do grow on you after each bite. I actually liked the sauteed onions and bell paper but couldn’t really taste the garlic aioli sauce.

Regular Wedges
Ironwulf: As sidings, we tried their Potato Wegdes (P35) and it was tasty and crispy. There are only a few establishments serving wedges and they have one of the better ones.

Jen: The Good Burger comes off as straight-forward, which I think is very refreshing. The dining area is nothing special (that’s an understatement), but when you already have your order in front of you, it boils down to one thing: it’s definitely a great find.

Ironwulf: I’ll definitely go back here and try the other flavors. It’s a good thing the price is very reasonable as well.

Good Burgers
C5 Branch Pasig 671.4242
10 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo Pasig 636.4663
One Kennedy Place Greenhills 345.4442
162 Maginhawa Street Sikatuna Village QC 435.4663

9 responses to “Healthy Burgers at Good Burgers”

  1. Aww, so far away from places I hang out in. Haven’t tried this one out yet but the veggie patties are calling out to me! 🙂

  2. Wow nakita ko to kagabi on the way home from work, malapit lang pala madaling puntahan.. sana feature nyo din dito yung mushroom burger na malapit sa katipunan..

  3. thanks for sharing this. we always pass by this spot whenever we got to GH and never did we once stop nor take a second look. naku, next time, we will definitely try this. thanks, again! photos are great, as usual!

  4. We love your photos and appreciate the great write-up! Sadly, the Greenhills store had to close down and we are currently searching for another GH based location. At the moment goodburgers could be found at the ff locations:

    * C5,Pasig( across tiendesitas and SM Hypermarket): take-out, delivery- 671-gbgb (4242)
    * Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig (Across Cafe Juanita):dine-in, take-out, delivery- 636-good (4663)
    * Maginhawa st., Sikatuna Vill: dine-in, take-out, delivery- 435-good

    It makes us happy that our burgers are a pleasant surprise to 1st time customers!

    You might be interested to try out Ted P’s in Maginhawa, in-line with our healthy food offerings we specialize in Roman Style Thin-Crust Whole Wheat Pizzas;)

  5. Many of us food eaters nowadays are somehow deceived by the looks of the place or strategic locations. Good Burger has been in existence for more than a decade already and regardless of the external looks of the place, which is presentable with good standards, I would still prefer to have their burgers as compared to the biggest names in the industry. They only use the best ingredients in the market…their chicken patties are from the number one and arguably the longest supplier of livestock in the country and not imported from abroad where most chicken have undergone the process of HALAL or KOSHER. It’s not that I have something against these practices, however for CHRISTIANS; such meat products that underwent both processes must not be eaten or consumed. For VEGETARIANS, they also have Veggie Patties, which I prefer often times. They also use the best bread/bun, cheese, salsas, chilies, herbs, etc…that gives each burger a unique quality taste. I encourage people to check out any Good Burger outlets to personally experience the difference. Remember, “Burger has to be GOOD!”

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