Mamou’s Home Kitchen in Serendra

Mamous Lamb Tapa (P 395)
Mamou's Lamb Tapa (P 395)

I first met Malou Fores (Mamou as many call her), the sister of Margarita Fores, when I took on an assignment for a magazine that featured one of Malou’s food shop, The Blue Kitchen. It never occurred to me that I’d see her again but don’t look now, she has her very own restaurant. I even had to blink my eyes a few times if she was the one I met before. I loved her Blue Kitchen goodies so I was excited to see how she renders her favorites for Mamou, a restaurant at the heart of Serendra.

Mamous Open Kitchen and interiors
Mamou's Open Kitchen and interiors

Mamou has been around for more than a year now and in the restaurant business, it’s actually a feat to be around that long. The place doesn’t look like a fine dining restaurant but more of an upscale canteen.  The warm hues and a high ceiling along with a large, open kitchen really call for a cozy dining experience.

Lamb Tapa  (P395)
Lamb Tapa (P395)

The first item I tried was the Lamb Tapa, served in a bowl filled with red garlic rice and topped with truffle flavored egg plus seared slices of seared lamb meat.  It comes with a sauce, the Salsa Piña. I’ve always liked the taste of beef tapa so I was curious on how lamb would taste. It was a bit unusual at first but the tender lamb meat and its flavor grew on me.  It goes well with the red rice. I liked how it wasn’t too oily and how the Salsa Piña’s sour and fruity flavor refreshes the taste buds.

Prime Angus Rib Eye Steak (Single P1680, Twin P2800)
Prime Angus Rib Eye Steak (Single P1680, Twin P2800)

The Prime Angus Rib Eye Steak was really flavorful and juicy. What’s even better is that after taking home some leftovers, the meat was still tender and flavorful after reheating. And oh, it bears mentioning that the side dish of Red Benguet Rice, Mashed Potatoes and Buttery Corn Pudding were really good and stood on their own.

Fried Milk
Fried Milk

For dessert, we were served Fried Milk. At first, these looked like balls of dough but inside was this creamy filling. Biting into one, I thought I was eating fried custard cake.  It was not too sweet which I find another pleasant surprise from Mamou’s Kitchen.

Mamou – A Home Kitchen
Unit 1C – 15 G/F Serendra,
Fort Bonifacio Heights, Fort Bonifacio, Philippines, email:[email protected]
Tel: +632 856 3569 and +632 909 5741;
Mobile: +63 917 816 2668

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