Chicharon with Kamatis & Bagoong and other much-missed eats at Masferre

Chicharon with Kamatis and Bagoong
Chicharon with Kamatis and Bagoong

Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant has many draws. For the tired of feet, it’s just a few steps from the municipio. For the photography- and culturally-inclined, the dining area is literally a feast for the eyes with Eduardo Masferre’s works on display. For the hungry diner, the restaurant has been a staple among Sagada repeat visitors because the food is predictable — in a good way. It’s rare that either of your Happyfoodies have ventured to Sagada without at least eating a meal here and this most recent visit is no different. The homey interiors of mostly wood material always makes dining a real pleasure.

Lechon Kawali
Lechon Kawali

Lagal[og] says: What’s a visit without passing by here and seeing if they have my favorite Chicharon with Kamatis and Bagoong (Crunchy Deep-fried Pork Rind with Tomatoes and Fish Paste)? We’ve dropped by during the last two visits and walked away never tasting this but we got lucky this time. Nothing complicated really but the melange of textures (crunchy, soft, pasty) and flavors (fatty, fishy, fruity) are a real treat especially during dinner time when the open windows let in the night breezes. Even if I don’t eat anything else, I’m a happy camper.

Ironwulf says: The Chicharon with Kamatis has always been a favorite since I tasted it years ago, but their Lechon Kawali has the same crunchy and meaty goodness as well. It’s one meal to be happy about after a long walk or going through the caves in Sagada.

Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken

Lagal[og] says: The Masferre Fried Chicken ain’t bad with very crunchy skin and not overly oily meat. But the fries that go with it are superb. Fried just right, not too salty and not dripping with oil either.

Ironwulf says: The Masfere Fried Chicken was just average, good thing the wedge-shaped fries were a lot better, cooked with the skin intact. The Beef Broccoli though was swimming in a very delicious sauce that’s both sweet and savory at the same time. The beef has a mix of tender and chewy parts but the broccoli was consistently crisp and fresh.

Beef Broccoli
Beef Broccoli

Lagal[og] says: We chanced upon another night when there was sort of a per plate arrangement instead of ala carte because of the volume of guests in town for the Panag-apoy rites. The food on offer, especially the Sinigang na Baboy (Pork Stewed in Sour Soup Base), was rather good. The price is cheap, too, coming to about P200-220 for two persons.

Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant
Poblacion, Sagada
Email: [email protected]
Mobile 0918.3416164

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