Cooling Down with Uncle Keong Delicacies

Uncle Keong's 8 Treasures
Uncle Keong’s 8 Treasures (RM 6)

It was a clear and sunny day in Melaka. Walking along the narrow alleys of the historical heritage town at midday, we could feel the sun bearing down on our backs on our way to our first eating stop for the Date with Bloggers event in Melaka. And as few beads of sweat rolled from our foreheads, we were filled with delight seeing the refreshing sight of Uncle Keong’s Delicacies.

Lotus Seed and Lily Bulbs with White Fungus
Lotus Seed and Lily Bulbs with White Fungus (RM 6)

The Lotus Seed and Lily Bulbs with White Fungus was a modest start. This cool offering has a very subtle taste with crunchy lotus seeds, refreshing enough to cool us down from the afternoon heat.

Then there’s the main cooler, Uncle Keong’s Eight Treasures. I wasn’t expecting much since it looked like an ordinary Ice Kacang but I was surprised it has this pleasing sweetness that’s just right to my taste buds. And digging into the smoothly-shaved ice, I found the so-called 8 treasures that add richness and texture to the taste – Red Jujubes, Ficus, Longan, Barley, Ginkgo Nuts, Lotus Seed, Lily Bulbs and White Fungus.

Misua Soup with Shark's Fin and Mushroom
Misua Soup with Shark’s Fin and Mushroom (RM 9.80)

Uncle Keong also serves some nice entrees aside from desserts. The “Misua” Soup with Shark’s Fin & Mushroom” fondly reminds me of the misua back at home, especially the broth. But this one has a soothing and light soup made flavorful with mushrooms, mussels and shark’s fin.

Spicy Curry Noodles (RM 9.80)
Spicy Curry Noodles (RM 9.80)

In contrast, the next dish which is the Spicy Curry Chicken has a thick soup with strong spicy flavor that seems to leave a scorching trail down one’s throat. The chicken meat was tender and the noodles absorbed the flavor well. Fans of curry dishes would definitely enjoy this.

Gui Lin Gao Herbal Jelly
Gui Lin Gao Herbal Jelly

Lastly, we had the Gui Lin Gao, a herbal jelly best eaten with honey.  The dish helped wash away the strong flavors of the dishes we’ve eaten. Though there’s a bitter aftertaste, the honey tempered it with sweetness. I heard this delicacy is great for blood circulation and keeping a clear skin complexion.

Inside Uncle Keong's restaurant
Inside Uncle Keong’s restaurant

Uncle Keong
58, Jalan Tokong
75000 Melaka, Malaysia

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  1. Great photos & write up. This remind me some of the sweet memories during the trip~ Thank you! =)

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