Onn Kee Restaurant for Ipoh’s Signature Hor Fun Delicacy

Ipoh is a popular day trip destination from Kuala Lumpur. This Old Town that flourished through mining is a two to three hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. Ipoh White Coffee may be commercially known and widely available but it is only in the old town of Ipoh where one can take sample a favorite delicacy the local hor fun (kuey teow), taugeh (beansprouts) and Hainanese-style steamed chicken. There are a couple of restaurants to go to but a lot of locals pointed us to Onn Kee Restaurant.

Kafe Panglima Dua Lima Good Old Town Ipoh Coffee

The old town of Ipoh is known as one of Malaysia’s best coffee producers. The “Old Town” coffee brand is a popular present for visitors coming from Malaysia. It is one of my favorite instant coffee due to its sharp strong yet rich flavor. Recently, I found myself back in Ipoh for a fam tour. While strolling through one of the famed concubine lanes in Ipoh, we chanced upon Panglima Dua Lima. A charming little cafe housed in an old shophouse serving freshly prepare Ipoh white coffee.

Cooling Down with Uncle Keong Delicacies

Uncle Keong Eight Treasures It was a clear and sunny day in Melaka. Walking at the narrow alleys of the historical heritage town at mid-day, we could feel the sun bearing on our backs on our way to our first eat stop for the Date with Bloggers event in Melaka. And as few beads of sweat rolled from our foreheads, we were filled with delight to see the refreshing sight of Uncle Keong’s Delicacies.

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