Eagle’s Nest in Eagle Point Resort: Foodtripping Surprises on a Stormy Staycation

What do you do when you find yourself in Anilao on the eve of a brewing tropical storm?  You pray for better weather and find other things to do while on staycation.  For your Happyfoodies, it was a good excuse to foodtrip at the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant and Bar of Eagle Point Resort, perusing the menu and asking the friendly staff for recommendations and suggestions.  We haven’t been anywhere around here for a long time so it was nice to find that the resort’s eating venue offers a great view of the sea (roiling as we sample the fare the two days we stayed there).

Kainan sa Dalampasigan: Nasugbu’s Charming Seafood Restaurant

Dalampasigan, a tagalog word which means “seashore” and it was something I was expecting to find when we arrived at Kainan sa Dalampasigan in Nasugbu, Batangas. There was no seashore nor a view of the sea but we weren’t disappointed. Instead, we found a gem of a restaurant, like a secret garden, breezy and exuding with Filipino hospitality and charm.

A truly organic experience at Terrazas de Barako

Hacienda San Benito - Appetizer Sampler Approaching the estate of Hacienda San Benito, we look up to see the view of Mt. Malarayat standing out in the middle of the Batangas landscape of farms and habitation. Coming off the main road after almost two hours of travel, we pass through eight kilometers of farm after farm, a strip which we learned was known as the Millionaires Row as these are private farms of celebrities and tycoons, on the narrow path leading to Barangay San Benito.

Taal Bistro: a hearty lunch in a heritage town

Taal Bistro Tawilis

We came to Taal Town in Batangas to revisit this heritage town and bring home some captures. But like in previous out-of-town trips, we had a hidden agenda: to eat something out of the ordinary. We prepared for the shoot but we weren’t able to research well in advance where it’s good to eat. Good thing the kind lady seller we brought some panucha from at the Basilica de San Martin de Tours went out of her way to show us Bistro Taal. It was just 5 or so minutes away from the Basilica and while it’s not really a bistro in the real sense of the word, we thought we had a hearty lunch alright.

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