Nihon Cafe Namayan Takoyaki and Iced Dark Mocha

Mandaluyong is turning out to be a great place for cafe hopping while riding a bike. Since I came from Rockwell crossing the recently opened Estrella-Pantaleon bridge, I was looking to find a nice place for coffee and snacks nearby. I saw Nihon Cafe just along the stretch of J.P. Rizal in Mandaluyong. Since I have a a penchant for anything Japanese, I found the place interesting to ride for.

Clarin’s House of Suman: Home to a Rich Variety of Rice Cake Flavors

The suman, a Filipino delicacy is an elongated rice cake neatly wrapped in banana leaves is a favorite local snack. But how many flavors of thse suman have you tried? There’s chocolate, mango, cheese and it’s just crazy to know there’s more. Well in Clarin municipality of Misamis Occidental, they boast of 13 flavors under the roof of Clarin’s House of Suman, a popular stop amongst locals and tourist not only for suman but some pasalubong treats as well.

Snacktime with BonChon Snack Ons

Fast paced city living has also changed people’s eating habits. Always on the go, snacking seems to be a practical choice to balance nourishment with other daily task. BonChon thinks, snacking should not only satisfy mid-meals (or main meal) cravings but should also be affordable yet maintain the quality of taste and quantity of serving. BonChon Snack Ons offers quick fix meals, snack sized munchies from their all time favourites meals from this Korean crispy chicken resto. Happyfoodies got to sample these Snack Ons and check out what we liked.

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