OMG, it’s Oh My Gulay

Oh My Gulay House Salad
Oh My Gulay House Salad (P100)

Go up five flights of stairs, past the sporting goods store on the ground floor, the drinking joint with the blaring karaoke on the second, a gym on the third, more offices on the fourth, and enter the world of artist, Kidlat Tahimik.  There are artistic curiosities on this high-ceilinged, top-most floor — large installations here, framed paintings over there.  The plants spread all over the place are real, lending it a lush, texture-filled vibe.  Up on the second level, the dining area offers a panoramic view of the city center.  Welcome to Oh My Gulay along Session Road in Baguio.

Anak ng Putanesca
Anak ng Putanesca (P120)

Lagal[og] says: Where else do you put up a veggie restaurant where fresh veggies, herbs and produce are aplenty all-year round?  OMG has been around for several years and its longevity is due in part to its quirky coziness and largely due to its food which in my opinion is very good.

Alfesto Pasta
Alfesto Pasta (P110)

Ironwulf says: It’s artsy and cozy and remains one of my favorite place to eat when in Baguio. The price have hiked up a bit since my last visit but it’s still on the reasonably cheap side for me. The food remains good as I remembered. It has a laid-back atmosphere so make sure you bug the staff more often if you want your orders taken and delivered a bit more promptly.

Kamatis Pasta
Kamatis Pasta (P100)

Lagal[og] says: We dropped by on the eve of an eco-trail run and used that as a convenient excuse to carbo-load.  We ordered three pasta dishes plus some side fares.  Of the three, I liked the Anak ng Putanesca best.  The noodles are firm and the tomato sauce had a bit of a spicy kick.  The Kamatis Pasta (Noodles with Tomato Sauce) is just okay though the Alfesto definitely could’ve used more flavor, probably more Parmesan.

Talong Parmigiana
Talong Parmigiana (P120)

Ironwulf says: Among the Pasta dishes, the Anak ng Putanesca has always been my favorite. But we did try others like the Kamatis Pasta which tasted like a more flavorful Jolly-spaghetti and the Alfesto Pasta which I find too tame. Good thing they have another favorite dish available, the Talong Parmigiana, a deep-fried breaded eggplant on a crispy baguette with sauce and basil oil. It has strong flavors like a really finely-made pizza.

OMG Hot Choco
OMG Hot Choco (P50)

Lagal[og] says: It’s a sin not to order salad considering our location (and our hefty orders of pasta) so we chose the house salad Oh My Gulay Salad.   It comes as no surprise that the veggies are crispy, with the balsamic vinegar lending the salad an appetite-inducing flair.

Ironwulf says: Also had a hot choco after. It was foamy and creamy like Swiss Miss, though I would have preferred the stronger tablea kind.


Oh My Gulay
5th Floor, Azotea Building
Session Road, Baguio Ctiy

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  1. i’ve tried their tomato pasta. 🙂 yummy. nakakagutom naman

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