Wake up to Pinoy breakfast fare at Sentro 1771

Tinapang Bonoan Bangus (Smoked Fried Milkfish)
Tinapang Bonoan Bangus (Smoked Fried Milkfish)

No doubt, the Pinoy has gone global, his taste buds included.  He/she has acquired a liking for tastes and flavors that transcend our borders but probe deeper and there’s this deep-seated, deeply-rooted liking for Pinoy food.  Your happyfoodies are no exception. We love Pinoy food, period. But is there a place for Pinoy food in a fine dining set-up? The people at Sentro 1771 would like to believe so. The purveyors of modern Filipino cuisine, Sentro 1771 puts a twist to Pinoy fare. Their breakfast offerings at their Serendra location list more Pinoy selections than the Western kind. But are they worth waking up early for? Your happyfoodies were more than happy to check them out.

Sentro Menu and Brewed Coffee
Sentro Menu and Brewed Coffee

Lagal[og] said: I’ll be the first to admit I’ll never tire of Pinoy food but sometimes, Filipino fare can be a bit on the unhealthy side. That’s why I appreciate the tweaks that Sentro does. Take for example, the use of olive oil for sautéing the Spicy Tuyo Flakes (Spicy Dried Herring). I won’t say it’s the most healthful item in the menu but at least, they avoided using palm oil.  The pan de sal they serve is of the whole wheat kind. These may not seem like a lot but taken together, the benefits can add up.

Sentro 1771 Modern Filipino Interiors
Sentro 1771 Modern Filipino Interiors

Ironwulf said: I did notice from their breakfast menu that they use “organic egg and wheat bread,” and just to brush out my ignorance, I had to ask what’s the difference between an “organic egg” from the regular one. It turns out organic eggs are the more expensive variants that have significantly less cholesterol. Ok I’ll take that. I also have to take note of the interiors of Sentro. I really like the high ceiling which gives a sense of airiness and spaciousness. The furnishings like their native fabric table runners and decors like the choice of paintings, are well thought out. It has a modern-Filipino feel.

tinapang bonuan bangus (P370)
Tinapang Bonuan Bangus (P370)

Lagal[og] said: The Tinapang Bonuan Bangus (Smoked Fried Milkfish) is smokey-flavored and salted just right. It was cooked to the point of being flaky but not dry.  I did away with the usual suka at bawang sawsawan (vinegar and garlic dipping sauce) but it was still flavorful.

dried beef sirloin tapa (P350)
Dried Beef Sirloin Tapa (P350)

Ironwulf said: Tapa is tapa. And as it goes, it’s one of the most common Filipino breakfasts to have. I guess the only differentiating factor among the  tapas is the quality of the meat, its texture and how it was cooked. Suffice to say, the Deep Sirloin Tapa in Sentro is still my favorite familiar tapa but with the added attributes of tenderness of the meat, richer taste, less grease and just the right amount of saltiness.

spicy tuyo flakes (P300)
Spicy Tuyo Flakes (P300)

Lagal[og] said: I liked the Sirloin Tapa as well but I also give a lot of plus points to the Spicy Tuyo Flakes. Not too salty and laced with whole garlic cloves, it goes well with fried rice but I think it will be the perfect salty foil to the Champorado (Sweet Chocolate Porridge) which is also on the breakfast menu.

melted kesong puti (P200)
Melted Kesong Puti (P200)

Ironwulf said: The Melted Kesong Puti meal which comes with Native Hot Chocolate is another twist on a Filipino breakfast favorite, the Pan de sal. The serving which comes in 4 half-sliced buns of wheat bread, topped with a slice of melted kesong puti certainly looks inviting. I find the taste semi-neutral with kesong puti adding a light saltiness and the thin spread of guava jelly adding that tinge of fruity flavor. It’s a light meal that doesn’t over whelm your taste buds. It’s nice that they pair it with their Native Hot Chocolate, which I really love because of its rich choco batirol flavor.

Melted Kesong Puti with Native Hot Chocoloate
Melted Kesong Puti with Native Hot Chocoloate

Sentro 1771
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City
Serves breakfasts from 7-10.30am
Tel. No. 856.0581 • 0917.8147794

3 thoughts on “Wake up to Pinoy breakfast fare at Sentro 1771

  1. Ang sarap sarap naman ng hitsura ng breakfast. Available all day ba to?

    Anyway, this is just my OPINION. I think cholesterol level/content of the egg has nothing to do with either the egg was organic, natural, or free-range.

    Organic egg is better in my opinion because the hen was raised in grains not grown with pesticides, fungicide, herbicides, or other fertilizer. Although I always chose free-range where the chicken can roam freely and eat like it’s meant to be.

  2. Yup your right the food is delicious…. If you dont like the egg coz of cholesterol, eat only the egg yolk….

  3. Photo Cache, I think you’re right with regards to the organic, natural or free-range chicken eggs. I guess it’s a matter of preference and ethics when choosing which to have.

    Sweetgiftsphilippines, I agree with you, the food is delicious. On the part of the egg, I think the yolk contains the cholesterol so eat the egg white instead if one is watching one’s cholesterol.

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