Wake up to Pinoy breakfast fare at Sentro 1771

Sentro 1771 Bonoan Boneless Bangus

No doubt, the Pinoy has gone global, his taste buds included. He/she has acquired a liking for tastes and flavors that transcend our borders but probe deeper and there’s this deep-seated, deeply-rooted liking for Pinoy food. Your happyfoodies are no exception. We love Pinoy food, period. But is there a place for Pinoy food in a fine dining set-up? The people at Sentro 1771 would like to believe so. The purveyors of modern Filipino cuisine, Sentro 1771 puts a twist to Pinoy fare. Their breakfast offerings at their Serendra location list more Pinoy selections than the Western kind. But are they worth waking early for? Your happyfoodies checked them out.

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