Surf Shack: Pizza, Craft Beer and Music in La Union

At the Surf Shack La Union

A haven for surfers to chill and listen to some bands and electronic music play. Surf Shack is inspired by the stoked lifestyle as evidenced from the many surfboards adorning the walls. Surfing photos in action and portraits almost filling up one side of the wall. Surf Shack is also home to local cocktails, craft beers and fusion pizza.

Mommy Lu's Pizza (Php 298)
Mommy Lu’s Pizza (Php 298)

Surf Shack Pizzas

Fusion Pizzas are the hot offerings from this open air bar and resto along side the main Urbiztondo highway in La Union. The must try is Mommy Lu’s Gourmet Tuyo Pizza with Honey, a tribute pizza for to the same iconic LU restaurant where the tuyo (dried fish) also came come from. It has a nice blend of saltiness and sweetness from the honey sprinkled over the cheesy crust. There’s also the Bacnotan Pizza which tops your crust with a Bacnotan Longanisa (sausage).

Bang de Bass (P158)
Bang de Bass (P158)

Cocktails and Craft Beers

Wash it off down with Bang Da Bass cocktail infused with potent basi sugarcane wine or the many craft beer can options from the Craft Brewery in Baguio.

Bacnotan Pizza (P298)
Bacnotan Pizza (P298)

Buffalo Wings

I recently got back at Surf Shack with my friends during one of the Strums and Spins night where a friend of ours, Mike, the “Sound Check Guy” plays in the evening. We had ordered 12 pcs of Buffalo Wings. I noticed they were thinner. It looks like they used their native chicken if I was not mistaken. It was flavorful though especially with that garlic sauce.

Surf Shack, much like the vibe in La Union is laid back. It’s a place you don’t hurry much and just enjoy conversations or the performances in the evening. Cool vibe here and good food to boot.

Surf Shack
239 National Highway, Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union
Contact: +6372 607.4914
Facebook: /surfshacksanjuanlaunion/

Craft Beers from Baguio Craft Brewery
Craft Beers from Baguio Craft Brewery
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  1. SurfShack’s Pizza is called BACNOTAN LONGGANISA PIZZA because it is topped with BACNOTAN LONGGANISA ??

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