Oppa Chicken: Proud Homegrown Korean Chicken

Korean chicken founds its place into the Filipino palette. With a few Korean franchises imported to our shores and its growing branches, it just shows how Filipinos enjoy these Korean flavors. An exciting local venture opens in the fast developing neighborhood of Orambo, Pasig. Oppa Chicken Portico brings its unique variety of Korean Chicken flavors. And this time hoping to export the brand internationally from Manila. Happyfoodies had a preview of their Korean Chicken variants they are set to serve once they open their doors this November 28, 2016.

KyoChon | Korea’s Healthier Fried Chicken Opens in the Philippines

The Philippines not only seems to be crazy about Korean Pop songs or Koreanovelas but also with their chicken. The past year have seen a wave of Korean Chicken restaurants and it is still growing. It’s no surprise now that Korea’s popular fried chicken brand, Kyochon will find its way in our shores. With more than 1,000 stores in South Korea alone since they opened and expanding worldwide, KyoChon is not afraid to be late in the Philippines korean chicken market. Like their superstar endorser Lee Min Ho who loves their chicken, they are banking in the natural honest to goodness flavor that Filipinos would also love like the koreanovelas the restaurant has appeared at. Happyfoodies got to try out Kyochon chicken just a week after they opened to see (and taste) what sets their Korean chicken apart.

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