Adarna Food and Culture: Unabashedly Old World

The location of Adarna is a bit strange.  Instead of situating itself nearer the more conspicuous and more frequented areas of QC, the restaurant seems to sit by its lonesome along Kalayaan in Diliman.    The wonderful thing is that curious guests and repeat diners do come all the way here — maybe some, for the enigmatic ambiance, some, for the different vibe, but all come for the delicious eats.  Hmmm, but I’m getting ahead of the story.

A rainy day Binondo food trip

binondo po heng lumpia

So what do we avid traveler-photographers do during the monsoon season? Hmmm, at times, we just brave the weather and go ahead with our trip. But sometimes, we’d wisen up and not push our luck, opting to stay in the city and find something else of interest. That is exactly what we did recently when along with two fellow foodie friends, your happyfoodies braved the Saturday monsoon rains to eat their way through a Saturday. Nevermind the overcast skies and intermittent rains, the muddy streets and damp air, but really, is there something more pleasurable than sniffing out the delicious smell of Chinese food wafting from shops and hole-in-the-walls and succumbing to the temptation?

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