Gubat QC: Hidden Kamayan Style Filipino Comfort Food Dining

It was hidden in plain sight. The “Gubat” signage is even so inconspicuous I passed by it twice and didn’t easily notice. Little did I know, that ensconced behind the bamboo walls and door, there’s a little al fresco dining restaurant inside. Gubat QC does feel like being inside a forest (gubat is a tagalog word which means forest) with its lush environment surrounding the wooden tables and benches of the dining area. Everything feels organic. From the food, the banana leaves as plate and even the way people eat – kamayan style (with bare hands).

Gringo Chicken Ribs Friends, 3 Pleasant Surprises in Goodie Boxes

Don’t chicken out! Especially when the newest Mexican-Latin flame-grilled chicken specialty restaurant, Gringo Chicken, Ribs, Friends has invaded SM The Block. I recently got a chance to sample their main entree when they sent goodie boxes to my office – each containing the Gringo Original Chicken, Southern Spice Chicken and the Baby Back Ribs. I must say the look of delight as I opened the boxes must’ve looked like the charming grin of Gringo on their logo. Each dish is paired with its own set of garlic rice, nachos, mushrooms and special sauces.

Barkin’ Blends Dog Cafe: Lettin’ the Dogs Out

It actually came as a pleasant surprise that the cafe has already celebrated its first year anniversary as I felt that while as a dog lover I dig the idea, I don’t know if the novelty would wear off after a few months.  Sure, it was a swell idea when it first came out, a concept that you’d probably read about in Japan or Singapore where the high costs of keeping pets or strict housing rules has created opportunities for creative pet lovers to build a business around a petting zoo type of establishment.

Maginhawa Eats | Indonyaki: Indonesian Street-side Eats

I remember fondly my trips in Indonesia where food is relatively cheap but is heavily tasty and satisfying. From the savory Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and the spicy sambal sauce that Indonesians can’t leave without on the table. They can just eat anything with sambal. Back here in the Philippines, there’s a shortage of Indonesian dedicated restaurants. When I heard from fellow foodie, Kara of Travel UP that there’s a relatively new Indonesian restaurant in Maginhawa St called Indonyaki, I just had to try. I brought along my guest foodie friend to finally try out Indonyaki and satisfy my craving for some Indonesian cuisine.

Adarna Food and Culture: Unabashedly Old World

The location of Adarna is a bit strange.  Instead of situating itself nearer the more conspicuous and more frequented areas of QC, the restaurant seems to sit by its lonesome along Kalayaan in Diliman.    The wonderful thing is that curious guests and repeat diners do come all the way here — maybe some, for the enigmatic ambiance, some, for the different vibe, but all come for the delicious eats.  Hmmm, but I’m getting ahead of the story.

Adarna Resto: Food in Culture, Culture in Food

Adarna Chicken Relleno Circa 1940 “I wanted the people to be revitalized after eating” said Chef Giney Villar, much like how the legendary bird Adarna, where the restaurant’s name came from, would revitalize and cure people of their illness. Chef Giney traveled around the country and brought back the historical and heirloom recipes that date back to the early 1900s and recreated them for people to enjoy now. Just the thought of trying out recipes that probably our lolas used to make was enough to feed my curiosity. And the interesting twist is that Chef Giney’s a vegan. So how would those meat dishes taste without her actually taste-testing it first?

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