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  • Gubat QC: Hidden Kamayan Style Filipino Comfort Food Dining

    Gubat QC: Hidden Kamayan Style Filipino Comfort Food Dining

    It was hidden in plain sight. The “Gubat” signage is even so inconspicuous I passed by it twice and didn’t easily notice. Little did I know, that ensconced behind the bamboo walls and door, there’s a little al fresco dining restaurant inside. Gubat QC does feel like being inside a forest (gubat is a tagalog word which means forest) with its lush environment surrounding the wooden tables and benches of the dining area. Everything feels organic. From the food, the banana leaves as plate and even the way people eat – kamayan style (with bare hands).

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  • Kamayan in Manay

    Kamayan ni Manay in Dapitan Zamboanga del Norte The weather alternated between overcast and rainy when we ventured to Dapitan City in Zamboanga del Norte. It’s been a long trip, having gone from Tawi-Tawi to Zamboanga City and northwards to Dipolog so instead of letting the rains dampen our spirits, we took it as a sign to slow down on shooting and making the most of the sleepy weather. Having billeted ourselves at one of the pension houses along the city’s Sunset Boulevard, we had the rare luxury of being steps away from eating places. We consider ourselves very lucky indeed to have stumbled upon Kamayan ni Manay just before the heavy rains came again and obscured the nice view of Dapitan Bay.

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  • Blue Lagoon dining in Camiguin

    Chilli Crab One of the highlights of visiting the island of Camiguin apart from the sceneries that fill the eyes is the food that fills the tummy. This island, which lies northeast of Cagayan de Oro in Mindanao, boasts of the sweetest buahan (lansones) and creamy pastel (soft buns with milky or fruity fillings). Boarding off the ferry at the town of Benoni also puts one within walking distance of the Tanguines Lagoon, a sort of causeway that connects a travel lodge-cum-floating restaurant to the sea – the J&A Fishpen/Travel Lodge.

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