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Saucy-liscious Reyal Litson Manok

Reyal Litson Manok

In this season of many gatherings, the Filipino’s iconic litson manok (roasted chicken) is ever present. Aside being a much healthier alternative to fried chicken, roast chickens are widely available and at reasonable prices. Adding to the many choices out there, Reyal Litson Manok is steadily making itself known in the roast chicken market. I’ve seen some stalls in Laguna and have been curious on how their taste fare. Especially with the tagline “mas masarap ‘pag may sauce (more delicious with sauce)”

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Gringo Chicken Ribs Friends, 3 Pleasant Surprises in Goodie Boxes

Gringo's Baby Back Ribs

Don’t chicken out!  Especially when the newest Mexican-Latin flame-grilled chicken specialty restaurant, Gringo Chicken Ribs Friends, invades SM The Block. I recently got a chance to sample their main entree when they sent some goodie boxes to my office – one each of the Gringo Original Chicken, Southern Spice Chicken and the Baby Back Ribs. I can imagine the look of delight on my face as I opened the boxes must’ve looked a lot like the charming grin of the Gringo mascot character on the company’s logo. Each dish is paired with its own set of garlic rice, nachos, mushrooms and special sauces.

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