Turning up the heat at 145° Fahrenheit

145° Fahrenheit US Wagyu Manhattan Cut
145° Fahrenheit US Wagyu Manhattan Cut

The Morato area has long been a favorite haunt for eager diners. And why not? The selections are nice and the prices are usually much lower than those in Makati. It can be quite a drive or a ride away though especially for those who live in the South but at times, you stumble upon a place that’s worth the trouble. Could 145o be one of those?

145° Fahrenheit Interiors
145° Fahrenheit Interiors

The place

Lagal[og] said: I like the interiors, what I call modern yet “comfy-cozy”. The lighting is spot-on, not too bright for intimate dinners and not too dim for casual eaters. The service is not at all intrusive but rather discreet.

145° Fahrenheit Wine and Reflections
145° Fahrenheit Wine and Reflections

Ironwulf said: The furnishing is classy. The open kitchen is a delight as you could see how they prepare your food. The exhaust seems to be doing well. Wine bottle racks and refrigerators are well placed as if they are part of the interior design.

Medium Rare US Wagyu Manhattan Cut (P1800)
Medium Rare US Wagyu Manhattan Cut (P1800)

The food & the wine

Lagal[og] said: Just the place for a meat-eater like me. The specialty of the house is prime steaks and they’re really worth the trip.  We tried the US Wagyu Manhattan cut seasoned with French sea salt. It was served with a four-inch section of beef bone with marrow and cooked medium-rare.  I found it really flavorful with every bite.

New Zealand Mussels (P560/ 8 pcs)
New Zealand Mussels (P560/8 pcs)

Ironwulf said: We had to try their New Zealand Mussels which came in 8 pieces with a slice of lemon in the middle. Served with a reduction of balsamic vinegar and garlic, I could easily say I really enjoyed the rich garlicky taste. Squeeze some lemon on them to get that dash of citrusy taste.

House Salad (P285 Single Serve, P580 to share)
House Salad (P285 Single Serve, P580 to share)

Lagal[og] said: The house salad of romaine, red garnet, misuna, seedless red grapes olives is served with a dressing of French raspberry vinaigrette.  The greens were crisp and fresh, being delivered fresh daily from the farm co-owned by one of the chefs. I really liked the twist of using raspberry vinaigrette, not too light nor not too heavy either.

145° Fahrenheit Chocolate Mousse with Caramelized Bananas (P230)
145° Fahrenheit Chocolate Mousse with Caramelized Bananas (P230)

Ironwulf said: All eyes were on the Chocolate Mousse with Caramelized Banana when it was served warm. It was simply delectable. We dug in and sampled the dark chocolate flavor. It was very good. And the added caramelized banana gives it a sweet fruit flavor that also acts as a neutralizer to its rich flavor.


Lagal[og] said: We sampled the Zinfandel, which goes so well with the Wagyu but there are 90 varieties available in the restaurant, most of which are from California vineyards. Nice to know you can order wine by the glass but getting a bottle ain’t too bad, considerably lower than Makati prices.

Ironwulf said: I wondered of course what the temperature has to do with their name. We found out the 145o Fahrenheit is actually the ideal internal temperature of a medium rare steak. Price range can be a steep when you dine in alone as it could range from P700 or more but it’s really worth it when you dine with a group as P3000 is already good for four persons.

145o Fahrenheit Prime Steaks and Seafood
Upper Ground Floor, Il Terrazzo
35 Tomas Morato cor. Scout Madrinan
Quezon City • Tel. No. 7032725

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  1. This is for those rare occasions, like anniversaries, b/days or graduation. Very fancy schmanzy, but I like it.

    I was dining out with the Mister for my b/day when I suddenly thought how you would rate the resto of our choice. I did manage to take in a few shots of the food, but with the point and shoot, the photos did not come out as they tasted.

  2. Another informative blog. My friends have pushed me to the threshold to go back to photography. Of course, you started it. recently got Nikon D90 and explorign it. Very impressed on how you shoot food. We love to dine likewise and would like to document the same. Any suggestions? What about stamping your name on those pics? Thanks.


  3. Photo Cache, you should see us when we shoot our food. Most of the time, we eat our food cold since we spend a lot of time shooting.

    Romulo, thanks for the comment and we’re glad to know the images somehow inspired you to shoot again. Would love to write about how we shoot but that would take up space meant for food shots. But do visit the photography sites on the web like popphoto for tips on shooting food. Regarding putting one’s name on the images, we use Photoshop for that.

  4. wow, super nice photos! (as usual) 🙂

    is this the one owned by Chef Andrew Tan?

  5. Joycee, thanks for dropping by again. If i’m not mistaken, you’re right, this is the resto co-owned by Andrew Tan.

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