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Having a Milky and Sunny Breakfast

Milky and Sunny Breakfast Platter

Oh I’m definitely a breakfast person that’s why I always wonder how some people could skip it. Every morning, I look forward to the goodies — from cereals, pancakes, pandesal, bacons, hams paired with a good ‘ol brewed coffee. That’s why I’m loving Milky and Sunny at the heart of Kapitolyo, Pasig, a hub of great eats, a place where I could have breakfast meals all day.

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Sagada’s Misty Lodge and Cafe: Food worth walking kilometers for

Dam's Chickent
Dam’s Chicken (P170)

The perpetual nip in the air is simply made for good eating.

One of the finer pleasures of Sagada is gustatory in nature. Everything — the weather, the elevation, the views — seem to inspire indulgence. Dunno but there’s something about hieing off to the boondocks that make even the mundane special, like ordinary coffee or instant noodles become a treat especially after a hike.

Perhaps, by stroke of serendipity, Happyfoodies found accommodation in the town outskirts some 1.5 kilometers from the sentro. Meaning yes, we’re away from where most of the eating places are but by luck, very, very close to Misty Lodge and Cafe. Our host, Derick, of Yabami Lodge recommended it as we were looking for somewhere closer to eat apart from Rock Inn’s Bodega Cafe some 350 meters away. Smoked out from the Panag-apoy rites, we decided to drop by at dinner time as the cafe was on our way home anyway. So, did we like the food? Well, we came back a second and third time during our three days in Sagada. It was that good.

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Hot tsokolate, steaming coffee and hearty breakfast at Kuatro Kantos

Grilled Ensaymada with Hamon Serrano and Spanish Tsokolate (P125)
Grilled Ensaymada with Hamon Serrano and Spanish Tsokolate (P125)

With the rainy season upon us, it would take a compelling reason to get out of bed (or a warm, dry office) to go look for breakfast fare. That’s exactly what your happyfoodies did, visiting the walled city of Intramuros on a rainy weekday morning maybe not much out of curiosity to ogle at the historic sites but more out of a compulsion to try something beside the usual fastfood variety breakfast.

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Breakfast in Bongao

Bongao Tawi-tawi breakfast delicacies
Bongao Tawi-tawi breakfast delicacies

Without question, Bongao in Tawi Tawi is pretty remote. It’s not just the physical distance per se that gives one that feeling but also the absence of the usual, ubiquitous fastfood outlets that line up Zamboanga City for example. Not that we miss the Jollibees, Mcdos and Chowkings. Out here in Bongao, it would be interesting to find out what the locals eat. One breakfast time, we decided to take a walk and see where our feet (and noses) will take us. We eventually ended up at Al-Madina-1, one of the coffeeshops that line the main street of Datu Halun.

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Food tripping in Sagada

Yoghurt House House Specialty
Yoghurt House Specialty (Php 85)

Much has been written about Sagada and its natural wonders that attract trekkers, spelunkers and other adventurous spirits. But to the foodie, Sagada is more than that. there’s another side to this so-called Shangri-la of the north, a more flavorful one that will appeal to the adventurous foodie. We traveled over 400 kilometers to food trip there and there’s something about the highlands – its nippy, crisp clean air, peace and quiet, and of course, the awesome scenery – that makes eating so much more enjoyable. It could also be the elevation that takes eating to a new high. Here, we give a sampler of the many food offerings out there.

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