Satinka Naturals: Organic Eating and A Piece of the Mountains in the City

The shop looks rather nondescript from the outside save for a simple, elegant signage that announces “Satinka Naturals Apothecary” and a blackboard that says, “A piece of the mountains in the city”.  Well, the second one got our attention.  As is common with some other establishments, the promise can be just that – a promise premised on purely commercial purposes, just enough to pull in a customer for the first time but not for a return visit.  Happily, Satinka Naturals’ advertising sign is not mere rhetoric.  The more often we visit, the more delighted we are in discovering, not just healthful foods, but also nuggets of health wisdom from its owners, Satinka and Shaller, who both hail from Kalinga.

Bonchon: More than just Super Crunchy Chicken

Bonchon Spicy Glaze Chicken I always pass by Bonchon at Megamall but never had the chance to try it before. One reason why? It’s always full and I somehow lack the patience to wait for food if I’m already hungry. Then Happyfoodies was invited for a taste test at one of their newer branch at Bonifacio High Street. This time we got the chance to get to know what makes people crazy about this Korean Chicken.

Healthful coolers at FYI

Frozen Yogurt Indulgence

When the mercury constantly hit 36 degrees or higher even on days when the rains play games with the sun, it’s just instinctive to reach for something to cool with. On an assignment in the Quezon City area, our eyes got caught by a very colorful signage and a witty name for a yogurt outlet – FYI. The acronym stands for “Frozen Yogurt Indulgence,” and one look at the items on offers suggested this can be a nice place to cool down on a hot and humid afternoon.

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