Wings On The Go: Angono’s Favorite Burgers and Buffalo Wings

Cheese Jalapeno Wings

Finding a boutique shop inside a burger and chicken wings joint may seem to be an odd combination. For owners Faye and Leo David, they are just all too happy to finally have a place they can serve their homestyle grilled burgers and buffalo wings and a lifestyle shop to give back to their loyal online customers. The Wings On The Go restaurant may have opened recently this year (March 2016), but they have been operating since 2012 in a delivery and pick-up system. Their menu and offerings, showcased online via Facebook, was such a massive hit they developed a cult-like following in Angono and nearby towns. On a recent visit to Angono, I had a chance to try Wings on the Go and find out what made people crazy over Wings On The Go.

Inside the restaurant and lifestyle shop
Inside the restaurant and lifestyle shop

Wings On The Go

As a way of giving back to the online community where Wings On the Go first found its success, husband and wife Faye and Leo opened up shelves where online sellers can place their products for a minimal monthly fee. They call this a lifestyle shop. Even with the shop portion of the restaurant, Wings On the Go can still sit up to 20 dine-in customers. Looking at the items at the shelves makes for nice way to pass time while waiting for the orders to be served.

Mild and wild buffalo wings
Mild and Wild buffalo wings

Fiery Buffalo Wings

Wings on the Go have four flavors of buffalo wings to choose from. The first three are more on the levels of spiciness: the Sweet and Spicy, Mild and Wild and Inferno. I found the base chicken meat real tasty. It’s the sauce that makes the difference. I tried the Mild and Wild and Inferno and I could clearly taste the different levels of heat and spiciness. Since I like spicy food, Inferno was tolerable for me yet still retains that juicy chicken flavor.

I do love their new flavor, the Cheezy Jalapeno. It mixes two things I enjoy, cheese and spice with the extra pungency on the mild heat. The Buffalo Wings comes in 200g/4pcs (Php 90), 400g/4pcs (Php 170) and 600g/12pcs (Php 250).

Macho Burger
Macho Burger

A Bunch of Burger Choices

There are many burger choices at Wings on the Go. I’m glad that I’m sharing with a group so we could taste most of them. I didn’t get to taste all, since they were so good they were gone too soon but the ones I did were all flavorful through out. The quarter-pound burger patties where charbroiled exuding the smokey rich flavor and juiciness.

The Macho Burger (Php 110) is a simple burger consisting of patty, ham, bacon, cheese and veggies. It is protein packed and can muscle out the other burgers with its naturally good meat flavors that doesn’t rely on the sauce.

Belly Flop burger
Belly Flop burger

The Rock N’ Roll Burger (Php 140) also rocked with its sweet and nutty peanut sauce, crunchy bacon strips, sunny-side up eggs and mushrooms.

The Belly Flop (Php 140) uses grilled pork belly in between the buns. Daubed with BBQ sauce with bits of onions makes this one savory burger.

Garden Salad with grilled chicken and bacon
Garden Salad with grilled chicken and bacon

Beyond the Wings and Burgers

Aside from burgers and buffalo wings, Wings on the Go also serves fries and salad, if you want something heavy or light on the side. Fries come in big servings from the Pizza Fries (Php 75) and Chili Cheese Fries (Php 110). Their Garden Salad with Grilled Chicken and Bacon (Php 110) has a choice of either Thousand Island or Honey Garlic Vinaigrette dressings. Try the El Nacho (Php 90) cheesy and meaty on top of the crunch.

Chili Cheese Fries
Chili Cheese Fries

I enjoyed dining at Wings On the Go. If this was just in the neighborhood, I’ll be a frequent visitor. Their grilled burgers are honestly good with a touch of home-made goodness. Their prices are just right, a better value than its commercial counterparts.

The menu and counter at Wings on the go
The menu and counter at Wings on the go

Wings on the Go

213 E. Rodriguez Street Brgy. Sto Nino Angono, Rizal
Tuesday – Sunday
Opening Hours: 3PM to 9PM
Contact: 6513051 or 09265332794
Facebook: /

Visit here for Angono’s Higantes Festival Calendar of Event from October to December 2016.

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