Of Makimi and dimsums at Shin Din Kha

Shen Din Kha Makimi (P85 regular, P100 large)
Shin Din Kha Makimi (P85 regular, P100 large)

Sunday is a nice time to go to Manila’s Chinatown. It’s less crowded, there’s not much traffic, and most restaurants have room to spare. Some would argue it doesn’t really feel like being there in Binondo if it’s not crowded. But there are times when it would be nice to be able to sit down and grab a bite without wading through the crowds and waiting for a long time even for short order items on the menu. Your happyfoodies chanced upon this panciteria, Shin Din Kha, while on a food trip with friends about two weeks ago. We were full at that time so we had to bypass this small restaurant. But a recent Sunday lunch found us wandering here again, this time with hungry tummies.

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A rainy day Binondo food trip

New Po-Heng Fresh Lumpia (P45/order)
New Po-Heng Fresh Lumpia (P45/order)

So what do we avid traveler-photographers do during the monsoon season? Hmmm, at times, we just brave the weather and go ahead with our trip. But sometimes, we’d wisen up and not push our luck, opting to stay in the city and find something else of interest. That is exactly what we did recently when along with two fellow foodie friends, your happyfoodies braved the Saturday monsoon rains to eat their way through a Saturday. Nevermind the overcast skies and intermittent rains, the muddy streets and damp air, but really, is there something more pleasurable than sniffing out the delicious smell of Chinese food wafting from shops and hole-in-the-walls and succumbing to the temptation?

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Just desserts at Cocktales

Cocktales Menu
Cocktales Menu

One Saturday afternoon found happyfoodies at SM Megamall for a business meeting. Looking for a quiet place to meet in busy Megamall can be quite tricky, especially on a weekend but on a friend’s suggestion, we found ourselves in the month-old dessert place, Cocktales. Tucked at the entrance of the Atrium on the fifth level, we seem to have found our quiet spot as the place was deserted (no pun intended). The lighting was inviting and conducive for cooling off. The images of drinks and desserts were really enticing and well-done. The signage says “desserts like no other” so we felt we had to give them a try.

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