Cebu: Foodtripping Down South

No Problem Sutukil Restaurant Fresh Catch

One of the indelible impressions that going around Cebu City left me is that Cebuanos simply love to eat. I’ve visited this so-called Queen City of the South every year for the last four or so years and seeing new eating places coming up just amazes me. The last time around was for another work assignment when we went around and saw signages on lampposts advertising either lechon (roast pig) and pochero, a kind of beef soup.

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Crunchtime at 8065 Bagnet

8065 Bagnet Ginataang Bagnet
8065 Bagnet Ginataang Bagnet

The menu listed a grand total of 20 food items, six of which are bagnet main dishes and another six as bagnet budget meals.  It takes a lot of gumption to offer just about only one thing in your restaurant and build the menu around it.  Braver still to name your restaurant after it.  But 8065 Bagnet does not disappoint.

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Adarna Resto: Food in Culture, Culture in Food

Chicken Relleno Circa 1940
Chicken Relleno Circa 1940

“I wanted the people to be revitalized after eating” said Chef Giney Villar, much like how the legendary bird Adarna, where the restaurant’s name came from, would revitalize and cure people of their illness. Chef Giney traveled around the country and brought back the historical and heirloom recipes that date back to the early 1900s and recreated them for people to enjoy now.  Just the thought of trying out recipes that probably our lolas used to make was enough to feed my curiosity. And the interesting twist is that Chef Giney’s a vegan.  So how would those meat dishes taste without her actually taste-testing it first?

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