Chips go healthy with California Crunch

California Crunch Cassava Chips
California Crunch Cassava Chips (P44 each)

I couldn’t resist the temptation of opening the bags so I went ahead and opened one.  The unmistakable smell of sour cream and onion chips wafted into the air inviting me to dig in.  The flavor was very sour cream & onion-y.  The mouth feel was spot-on crunchy.  Not that I would mistake it for potato chips (the slightly thicker slices and wee bit starchy) but it’s close.  The chips are from California Crunch and these are cassava chips.  But it ain’t the same ole kamote chips we are accustomed to.

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Adams Exotic Delicacies

Bu-os (Ant Eggs)

Real good food with the absence of impurities and natural is done by going back to nature. In my recent Tour with Lakbay Norte 2, we visited the isolated forest town of Adams in Ilocos Norte. After our hike to visit Anuplig falls, we had a late lunch where they served us meals which they consider organic. It’s those simple dishes with ingredients freshly hand picked from their surroundings which made them good on their own.

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Un amore at Buon Giorno

Rack of Lamb
Rack of Lamb (P598)

Minetrone and bruschetta so good, they inspired and conspired to make people fall in love.  Veteran photographer Mark Floro tells of a food tale both incredible and romantic — of how Linda so enamored him with her renditions of Minestrone and Bruschetta that he promptly married her.

The story piqued the curiosity of your Happyfoodies so much so that when we got the opportunity to visit Buon Giorno, Mark and Linda’s Italian restaurant in Ortigas, we knew we had to order what has smitten Mark.

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Good Food and Good Vibes at Kapuluan Vista Resort

Kapuluan Papas Burritos
Kapuluan Papas Burritos

What happens if a young surfer couple decides to build a resort, stumble upon this beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere at Maira-ira Cove, constructs a tastefully east-meets-west design edifice, serve food with ingredients freshly picked from their garden and then regale you with stories in upbeat fashion? That’s Kapuluan Vista Resort for you. We drove hours under the stormy weather during the Lakbay Norte 2 and was glad to find this warm and comfortable place for the night just in time for dinner.

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Cooling off a wet summer with Selecta Hersheys Ice Cream

Selecta Hershey's
Selecta Hershey's Collection

PAGASA declared a wet summer and the often fickle weather presently prevailing is living up to that paradox.  But climate change or not, what’s summer without warm days sweetened by dollops of ice cream?  Well, you know it’s going to be an interesting summer when Selecta comes up with not one but four new chocolate flavors.

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