Luxe Dining at Horizons Macau

Smoked Salmon
Horizon's Champagne Glazed Cold Smoked Salmon

It was a stark contrast from our last meal in Macau. As soon as we enter the 3rd level of Crown Tower within City of Dreams, we knew we’ll be treated to a luxurious dining experience this time around. We were at Horizons, a restaurant known for its grilled steaks and seafood.

Horizons Restaurant Interiors
Horizons Restaurant Interiors

The restaurant has very spacious interiors with a modern design. There are elegant fixtures, low tables, cool atmosphere and a nice view of the Cotai Skyline. The eating utensils and unconventional but neatly shaped glasses add a taste of sophistication to the dining experience.

Bread loaf and sticks
Bread loaf and sticks

We started off with a set of bread served on a neatly folded cloth. It was a nice and different presentation from the usual bread baskets. The bread sticks were crunchy and really good. I was expecting to eat a few sticks to stave my hunger but I find myself nibbling on a few in between dishes.

Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon (HKD 98)

The Champagne Glazed Cold Smoked Salmon as starter was served like a piece of art on a plate where the artist brushed in a couple of colors here in there with zen like strokes. The whole plate was a playground of flavors — from the fruity beet root puree, to the slight saltiness of the ikura roe with caviar or the tangy cucumber capers salsa in combination with the soft smoked flavor yet a tad salty salmon.

Kabucha Veloute
Kabucha Veloute (HKD 128)

Next was the “Kabucha” Veloute with Herbs Crusted Hokkaido Scallop. It’s basically a Japanese Pumpkin Soup but this one has really intense flavor and creaminess. The scallop swimming in the soup was really delicious with a hint of herb spices. I can say it was a standout favorite among the meals.

Prime Tenderloin
Prime Tenderloin (HKD 208)

Then there was the USDA Prime Tenderloin served with buttered vegetables and potato puree. I’m a steak person and was looking forward to this. The steak was presented well and it was real tender but with a slight crisp on the outside.  I didn’t find the steak as flavorful or even juicy as I wanted though. I guess that’s why the different kind of salts and mustards are there for so I could season the steak to my liking.

Vanilla Cream Brulee
Vanilla Cream Brulee (HKD 68)

For dessert we had a Tahitian Vanilla Cream Brulee. We were expecting to be served the chocolate on the menu but this was a welcome change as we got curious of the berries on top of the thin caramel crust. The brulee was equally good and I had fun breaking into the crispy caramel top. It was my first time to try a gooseberry and I enjoyed is tingling sourness.

Overall, it was a great dining experience and the nice thing about it is that the price, while not cheap, is not too expensive either.

Level 3, Crown Towers,
City of Dreams, Estrada Do istmo, Macau

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  1. Appetizer lang pala ung salmon. When I go to steakhouse, I always get the salmon entree. But here look at how tasty the steak is.

    Fine dining talaga.

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